Which Overcooked 2 DLC is Best? [All Review]

Overcooked 2 DLC

 Have you completed all of Overcooked 2? If you feel like you're running out of games, it doesn't matter, we have DLC, which will allow you to experience gameplay you didn't know existed.

What is a DLC?

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DLC stands for Downloadable Content, which is not part of the base game. DLCs are used to expand the game and add further content for players to enjoy. Whether it is made because it didn’t have the opportunity to be in the base game or make more money, players will always welcome any additional content created for their favorite games.

DLCs can include new storylines, a new map, new weapons, different skins, or a new character.

1. Surf ‘n’ Turf

Surf n Turf

The new Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC takes you to a whole new map! Both you and your friends will have to start cooking in a beautiful sunny scene at the beach. Feel the delightful vacation your chefs will experience even if they still have to cook through it. To make that happen, however, your chef will be wearing swimming trunks while they prepare various new dishes!

Discover all-new recipes and ingredients inside the beach restaurant. Sabotaging the opponent team has never been easier than now with the water gun! Extinguish fire using the new water guns to finish the missions and keep your kitchen from burning.

Surf ‘n’ Turf adds three new chefs, new kitchens, coconut trees, and a swimming pool that you can push your friends into! Start completing all levels and learn everything about the new content as you play with friends and compete against other teams.

  • Price: 5.99 $

2. Campfire Cook Off

Campfire Cook Off

Just as the title suggests, Campfire Cook-Off DLC is forest camping-themed content! Start the game by taking a long, arduous journey to the forests of the Onion kingdom. The Onion King sets a new mission for his four new chefs to run various kitchens inside the forest.

Cook under the beautiful night stars and play as one of the four new chefs representing forest animals! Like the owl or the squirrel. Start driving your busy through the new map of the Onion kingdom, open up your kitchens and light your campfire in each level to complete the story!

Discover the new mechanics added as you carry on a large camping bag that serves as an inventory! Gather forest logs and prepare various dishes with the latest recipes added in this DLC! New recipes mean fresh ingredients as well! Complete all challenges as you play with your friends.

  • Price: 5.99 $

3. Carnival of Chaos

Carnival of Chaos

Overcooked 2 welcomes its players to a brand new Carnival of Chaos! Your restaurant location will change to a playful and mischievous circus! Your kitchen will be surrounded by many audiences that will constantly be entertained with clowns, balloons, and other circus-related miscellaneous.

New recipes are included! Hot dogs and donuts are ready to be served to hungry customers! Four new chefs are available to choose from in this DLC, but the major additions are Cannons, trays, and drinks! Use the cannons to fire yourself across the kitchen, allowing yourself to close the distance very fast; better not miss what’s on the oven!

Drink dispensers are also a cool new feature, mix them with the food ordered and deliver them as fast as possible; luckily, they are instantaneous. Food trays allow you to carry more than one dish at the same time for the sake of filling the order! Enjoy 15 new bonus levels and invite your friends to play the DLC.

  • Price: 5.99 $

4. Night of the Hungry Horde


A horde of carb-based horror has returned to take a bite out of the peaceful kingdom. Coal-powered furnaces! Metal fences! Guillotines! All are available in the new Hungry Horde mode. Defend the Onion against the hungry Horde and start cooking inside many spooky kitchens.

Fortunately, the right staff is here to save the day! Including four new chefs! Box Head, Vampire, Werewolf, and Ghost! Prepare new dishes through available recipes and new ingredients, open the horrifying metal gates inside the kitchen to access certain areas while making sure you keep the windows blocked from the hungry horde that is trying to break in.

Use a Guillotine for chopping food and coordinate together with your team to keep furnaces at maximum heat to speed up the cooking process, resulting in maximum efficiency. This DLC adds a new creative and fun mod that requires lots of strategies and good teamwork. Complete all-new 12 missions and protect the Onion Kingdom!

  • Price: 9.99 $

How to install DLC

To get any of the new DLC mentioned above, you will have to go to Nintendo Eshop by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on Nintendo Eshop in the Home Menu.

Nintendo Eshop

Step 2: Select your account to purchase the DLC.

Step 3: Select the game you want to purchase its DLCs. Through the game detailed page, select the individual DLC that you wish to buy.

Step 4: Select proceed to purchase. Afterward, the DLC will automatically be downloaded and added to your main game.

DLC downloaded


Q. Do both players need to buy the Overcooked 2 DLC?

Not really, only one person needs the Overcooked 2 DLC. However, the person needs to host the session for the other player to play the map. Additionally, as a host, you can vote for the maps and everyone can play. If you don’t own a DLC, you can’t vote.

Q. What is the hardest level in Overcooked 2?

The hardest level in Overcooked 2 is Core 1-2, followed closely by Surf 3-2, Camp 3-4, Core 6-2, and Surf 2-2.

Q. When is Overcooked 3 coming out?

It is actually envisioned that Overcooked 3 will be released in 2022. The two previous Overcooked games were released in 2 years time gap. Therefore, it is estimated that in 2022, Overcooked 3 may be released or a spin-off in the Overcooked franchise.

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