How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Roblox: Get Roblox Location Now!

Find IP Address on Roblox

Looking to uncover the identity of someone on Roblox? Perhaps you're dealing with a troublesome user or simply curious about who's behind the screen. Whatever your reason may be, discovering someone's IP address on Roblox can seem like a daunting task. But fear not, because we've got you covered!

Today, Roblox is on the rise. This online platform is popular among many users who want to play games made by multiple developers. So, the users often want to friendly contact others or protect themselves against rude behavior. In this case, their IP address might come in handy! In this article, we will look at ways to get the person’s IP address on Roblox.

1. Via Roblox Studio Script to Track IP Address on Roblox

Yes, you got it right! You can track down the person’s IP from your Roblox account. This is not hard to do, and the platform’s vulnerabilities allow you to see anyone’s IP. Of course, this is possible only if they join your game. Read the instructions below.

Step 1. Install Roblox Studio

First of all, you need to have Roblox Studio on your PC. If you still don’t have it, be sure to go to the Roblox Studio download page and get yourself an app. Install and launch it.

roblox studio install

Step 2. Log In

Next, you need to log in if you already have an account or sign up if you are a first-time user. You will need an account because you need to host the game which the other players join. Enter your username, and password and proceed to your account.


Step 3. Open the Code

In the next step, we will be dealing with the game code. Sounds exciting, right? If you haven’t done this before, don’t be afraid – this is fun. First of all, select “Workplace” from the menu on the right. There, you will access the settings of the level. After you’re there, find a folder “Script” and open it. After this, you will see the strings of code of your game world.



Step 4. Modify the Code

Once you open the code, you can modify it the way you want. For example, you can make the game record the IP addresses of all players. To do this, enter the following lines of code:

game.ChildAdded: connect(function(child) {

            if (child: IsA("NetworkServer")) {
                .then(child.IncommingConnection: connect(function(IP, replicator) {
              "StringValue", workspace).Name = IP
                        print( end) end

Be sure not to modify those lines – just copy-paste them into your code environment, and they will do their job.

Step 5. Save Changes

After you’ve entered the code, exit the Script, but don’t forget to save your changes. Without it, the game won’t save the new code strings, and you won’t get the needed IPs.

Step 6. Host a Game

Your next step is to host a server within your game. Once you are a host, the code will start collecting all the IP data of the users who join, so calculating the IP of a certain user shouldn’t be a problem. The IPs of users will appear as text when they join your game.

Tracking links are pretty popular as a method of IP grabbing. They work quite simply: you send the link to the person, they click the link, and you get all of their data. There are a lot of apps and online tools like Grabify or IP Logger that create such links. Here is how to create a tracking link using Grabify:

Step 1. Find an Interesting Link

Tracking links should be interesting to the target user. If they are boring or irrelevant, the user won’t click on them, and you won’t get any data. So, be creative! Share a funny video, an interesting tutorial, or a meme. Copy this link for further use.

Step 2. Generate the Link

Now it’s time to go to the Grabify website. At the top of the page, you will see a field that says “Enter a valid URL or tracking code.” Paste your link of interest there and click the “Create URL” button. The tool will then show you the shortened link and the tracking code. Save it for later.

Grabify ip loggers

Grabify tracking code

Step 3. Share the Link

After you copied the shortened link, give it to the user. Be sure to write something to attract the person’s attention. For example, write: “Lol this is you!” or “Check this out!!”. Grab their attention and make them click the link. Grabify will fetch out all information about them, including their IP address.

Step 4. Enter Tracking Code

So, your user of interest has clicked the link. Your next step is to go to the Grabify website again. There, enter the tracking code into the special field and click the “Tracking Code” button. After this, the website will show all information about the user. There, you will find their IP address.

Grabify IP information

4. Via Command Prompt to Track IP Address on Roblox

Command Prompt is a very useful tool that is embedded into your operating system. For example, almost all versions of Windows already have it pre-installed. You can enter different commands there, hence the name. Among others, you can make your computer read every incoming IP and grab it.

Step 1. Close all apps

Before you start tracking via Command Prompt, make sure that all other apps are closed. It will be harder for the app to track your user because it will see many IPs that are connected to your computer.

Step 2. Open Roblox

To track someone in Roblox, you need to open the app. This way, you can track all incoming IPs from this app via Command Prompt.

Roblox homepage

Step 3. Open Command Prompt

run cmd

After you opened Roblox, open Command Prompt. Open the Start menu in the left lower corner of your Windows screen. Then, go to the Apps section and launch Command Prompt. The process might vary depending on your Windows version, but there are many ways to open Command Prompt – try them, too. For example, you can use this method:

  • Press “win+R” on your keyboard
  • Type “cmd”
  • Click OK

Step 4. Copy the User ID

Now, go to your Roblox account and find the user you want to track. Copy their ID – you will need it to track their IP using Command Prompt.

Roblox player id

Step 5. Enter the Command

Once you have the User ID, open Command Prompt again and do the following:

  • Type “clx”
  • Type “tracert” and paste the user ID
  • Copy the IP address of the user

tracert commandIf you need to find out the other user data or track their location, you can use a variety of online tools such as IP Tracker – just follow the instructions on websites.

5. Via Roblox IP Puller to Track IP Address on Roblox

IP tracking from Roblox is very popular now. So, there appeared specially designed apps that help with this task. For example, Roblox IP Puller will help you to get an IP from the app.

Step 1. Download Roblox IP Puller

First, go to the Roblox IP Puller download page. On the page, click the “Code” button and choose “Download ZIP.” After this, unpack the app onto your computer and launch it. The unpacked folder will contain all app files, so you will have to find the launch icon and click it.

Step 2. Join a Roblox Game

To get the user ID, you will need to join a Roblox server where they currently are. You might also host a game by yourself and invite them in.

join a Roblox server

Step 3. Get the IP

After you see the user in question, there will be a button next to them. Click “Get Server IP,” and there will appear a pop-up window with the IP in it. Copy it and use it as you, please. But mind that the IP puller is often unavailable because it’s blocked. In this case, try any of the options above.

Roblox IP Puller


In conclusion, we want to say that tracking IP on Roblox is very easy! There exist plenty of online apps like Grabify or IP Logger that allow you to send the coded link to the user and track them. There even exist specific IP grabbers designed for Roblox like Roblox IP Puller. If you are fine with coding, use the Command Prompt or try to modify a Roblox Studio script. Good luck!

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