How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

Find IP Address on YouTube

Searching for an easy way to find someone’s IP on YouTube? We are here to help. Just follow the advice from our article and make sure you are in control.

YouTube is perhaps the most popular platform for video sharing. There are many kinds of content on it, from live streams and music videos to sports and cooking. Because it’s so popular, many different people use it. If you’re a creator, you might face different kinds of comments, including offensive ones.

Still, there are some good ways to stop rude people online. Finding their IP address and location usually stops them from further bullying. In this article, we will look at how to find someone’s IP address on YouTube easily.

Use an IP Grabber

IP grabbers are specific apps that can generate tracking links. Those links activate when someone clicks on it, and gather all the data about the person. This data might be IP, location, phone or computer type, etc. Here is how to create links using Grabify:

1. Create a Link

First of all, choose any link. Ideally, this link should be interesting to your target user. If you are sending on YouTube, it’s logical to send another YouTube video. After you’ve picked the link, go to Grabify and paste it in the field “Enter a valid URL or tracking code..” Then, click the “Create URL” button. Copy the generated link and the tracking code you get – you will need it later.

Grabify web page with link

URL created with grabify

2. Share a Link

Now, you need to give this link to the user on YouTube and make them click it. You should do it in a non-suspicious way. Start a conversation, and in the middle of it, organically present the link. You might say that this is something interesting, a new video you liked, etc. Make sure that the person clicks the link! If they don’t, you won’t get their data!

Share a Link on youtube

3. Grab IP

IP grabbing is easy once the person clicks your link. When they do it, go back to Grabify and enter the tracking code you’ve got before. Paste it in the field “Enter a valid URL or tracking code…” and click “Tracking Code.” After this, the tool will show you all info about the user, including their YouTube IP. You can find out more details, like exact location, country, Internet provider, etc.

Grabify Tracking Code

Grabify ip details

Use Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a very useful tool that you already have on your computer. With its help, you can operate the underlying processes of your computer. You can also see what’s happening in the system at the moment. For example, you can make Command Prompt show all IPs connected to your computer. You can use it to find out the IP of a person on YouTube:

1. Close All Irrelevant Apps

To begin with, Command Prompt will show you ALL IPs that are connected to your computer. That means there will be many! Fetching a necessary YouTube IP will be more difficult. So, before anything else, close all the running apps that you don’t need like torrents, browsers, or messengers. Don’t forget about the background apps.

Close All Apps

2. Start a Chat

First of all, start a chat with a YouTube user that you need. It should be an online chat, video or voice call is best. Make sure that the chat is long enough for you to calculate IPs.

youtube Chat

3. Start Command Prompt

To start Command Prompt on your computer, you can do the following:

  • press Win+R, then type in cmd and open the app

run cmd

  • search “command prompt” in a Windows search bar
  • go to the Windows app menu and find Command Prompt in the list of standard apps.

4. Grab IPs

Command Prompt works when you give it commands. So, once the app has started, we need to type in the command we need. To show all IPs connected to your computer, type “netstat -an” and click Enter. The app will show you the list of IPs, and your YouTube user IP will be among them.

Finding IP Address Using the Command Line

Be Careful on YouTube

Careful on YouTube

From the info above, you can see that calculating the IP of any user is pretty easy. So, if you don’t want somebody to get your IP, be careful. First of all, never share location or personal data with any person online. They can use it to their advantage. Also, never click the links from the users whom you don’t trust – it might be a grabbing link. Don’t chat with suspicious people.

If you want to be 100% safe, use a VPN if you are on mobile, or a proxy or VPN when you are on a computer. They will mask your IP address, so if someone wants to grab it, they will get another IP, not yours.

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It’s pretty easy to grab someone’s IP from Youtube if you know how. First, you can use link-grabbing websites like Grabify to generate a tracking link and give it to your user. Second, you can start a chat with the user and then use Command Prompt. Remember that on YouTube, other users might want to track you, so be cautious. Use VPN or proxies when you go online to safeguard yourself from hackers.


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