How to Get Someone’s IP from Messenger

Get IP from Messenger

Get the user’s IP from Messenger quickly without effort! Use the vulnerabilities of Facebook Messenger to find out IP – just follow the tips in this article.

Messenger is a popular Facebook tool that allows you to message other people anytime. It is very convenient, and nearly everyone that uses Facebook has also installed this app. So, finding an IP of a user on this app initially seems a hard task. There are so many restrictions and levels of protection!

But in fact, you can get to know anyone’s IP quite simply. If someone tried to sabotage your Facebook page or breach contracts, you can find out their IP to block them forever. Read on to find out how.

IP Logger URL Short Code

Creating a tracking link is one of the easiest ways to get someone’s IP. If you have never done this before, read the information below. The point is to generate a specific link that looks like a simple link to a YouTube music video or a funny picture. You then send this link to the person and acquire their info when they click on it. Here is how you create a tracking link on IP Logger:

Step 1. Shorten the link

First of all, find a link of interest that you will send to your user. It can be an image, video, download link, or anything you may think of. After that, go to IP Logger main page and paste the link into the special field. Click “Shorten” and copy your shortened link that will have strings attached to it.

iplogger shorten button

iplogger generated links

Step 2. Share the link

Once you get the link, go on Messenger and share it with the user. Open the chat and write something welcoming – you have to get the user to click on your link!

Step 3. Grab the IP

When the user clicks on your link, it’s time to grabify their address. Switch to the ‘Logged IP's' option that you can find on the main page. Also, you can use Geo-logger from IP Logger. It will help you to track down the exact location of the user via GPS.

iplogger ip details result

So, tracking down someone’s IP and even location from Messenger is very easy! Still, if your user refuses to click on the link, there are many other ways to grab their IP – read below.

Use Command Prompt

Finding IP Address Using the Command Line

Command Prompt is the application that you have by default in your Windows operating system. Other OS also have this tool, but in this article, we will discuss the most popular Windows system and how to get an IP of a Messenger user through the Command Prompt.

This tool allows you to enter different commands to your OS, such as advanced administration, troubleshooting, and of course, finding and IP. Here is how you do it.

Step 1. Close All Apps

First of all, you need to close all apps on your computer. Be especially attentive to those who use the Internet. Later, you will be looking through the IP addresses and credentials of all apps and connections on your computer, so make sure you have no background apps active.

Step 2. Establish a Conversation

Your next step will be to establish the conversation with the person that you need. Open the Messenger app or Facebook and write to the person in question. This way, you will establish the connection that will allow you to track their IP.

Step 3. Run a Traceroute

Here comes the difficult part. To track the IP address, you should open the command prompt and run a traceroute – just follow the sequence below.

  • Press the combination Windows key + R at the same time. This way, you will open the Run window.
  • In that window, enter cmd, then press the Enter button on your keyboard. The Command Prompt will open.
  • Next, enter the command netstat. This command will allow you to look through active TCP connections, IPs, and different protocols.
  • After netstat” enter -an. This syntax allows you to see all TCP connections active at the given time. In the end, the full command should look like netstat -an.

Step 4. Find the IP Address

The step above will show you the list of IP addresses that you are connected to. One of them is Messenger, and ideally, it will be the only one on the list. If there are several, check if there are any apps open. You might run Task Manager and see if there are any processes in the background.

Share the Location

Share the Location Messenger

This is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways ever. But to do this, you need to be careful enough and somehow, convince the person to share their location address! Here is how you do it.

Step 1. Make sure that the person is at home

You don’t want to track down the person’s location to the nearby shop or fast food restaurant with public WiFi. Therefore, make sure that the person writes from their computer from their IP address at home.

Usually, Messenger will allow you to see which device the person uses when they write to you. So, it’s possible to see whether it’s a laptop or computer, or mobile device. If the person is at the computer, there are higher chances that they are at home.

Step 2. Share Location

Messenger Location

If you want to know a person’s location, it’s very useful to ensure that they trust you. For example, you might send your location first! Make sure that you don’t share from your home and the location doesn’t look suspicious to the target user. You are welcoming them, saying: “I am not afraid to share my home location with you, so you can safely do the same!”

Step 3. Invent a Reason

The person should know why you're asking for their location. Invent a proper reason so that the person could know that you have reasons to do this. For example, if you want to send them a present, you can ask their location. Be inventive!

Via the Location Tags on Messenger

location tags on facebook

Facebook is a social networking app that allows users to leave their location in tags. This makes the post more popular so they get more likes and shares. So, users often give in their location even without thinking about it because they want more feedback. There is a high chance that your user of interest will leave a location by themselves, and you will be there to grab it.

Step 1. Check Facebook Stories

Most often, people will leave location tags in Facebook Stories to show where they hang out. Stories disappear after a certain time, so they don’t care that someone will capture this location – this seems highly improbable. Often, they want to share location so that other friends will find and join them.

Step 2. Tap Location on Images

If one of the images has a location tag attached to it, you can simply get it. Tap on it, select “Show Location,” and your smartphone will show where the person is.

Step 3. Open Google Maps

After the address is on your screen, you can tap the tag text. After this, Google Maps will open, and the target location will be visible.

Of course, people don’t always share their home or nearby location. Sometimes, they just leave popular geolocations like bars that get lots of clicks. But if you are persistent, you might as well see the exact geolocation of a person one day.

Via the Nearby Friends Feature

Nearby Friends is a feature on Facebook

Nearby Friends is a feature on Facebook that allows you to share location with your friends. For example, if you turn it on, you can see the location of Facebook friends who also have the option on. Also, you have access to Location History, which is turning on when you activate Nearby Friends. Let’s see how to track the person’s location using this option.

Step 1. Turn On the Location Services

To start with, you need to turn on the Location Services on your phone. If you don’t have this option on, follow this sequence:

  • For Android: Settings-> Apps-> Facebook-> Permissions-> Location.
  • For iOS: Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services.

Step 2. Turn On Nearby Friends

Now, go to your Facebook account and tap Settings in the top right corner. There you will find the Nearby Friends option and switch on the button. Now, you and your friends can mutually discover locations of each other.

Step 3. Find a Friend

With the option on, you can see all of your friends who currently have Nearby Friends on. The app will show them depending on their location – the first ones will be the nearest to you. Now, you can find the user in question and see their exact location.

Of course, people don’t always have this option on, but you might try it because people tend to trust people who also share their location via this option. So, they share their location more willingly. Note that when you turn this option on, you also let other people browse your current location!

Getting someone’s IP from Facebook Messenger might seem a hard task. But in fact, there are many ways to do this. One of the most popular ways to do this is to use a tracking link. Just send the person an auto-generated link, and once the person clicks it, you might grab their IP.

Next, you can use Command Prompt properties to track down IP. It might take some technical knowledge, but there are clear instructions that are accessible even to an absolute newbie.

Also, if you know the person well enough, you might directly ask them to share their location – but do it cautiously! If that doesn’t work, search photos and Facebook stories because they might have a location attached. Finally, Facebook now allows you to see anyone’s location as long as they use the Nearby Friends feature, so turn it on to see if your target user also has it on.

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