How to Check Computer Configuration with 4 Easy Ways

Computer Configuration

Do you know how to check your computer configuration? Also, before doing anything, you will need to have your computer’s hardware information. In this article, you will learn how to configure your computer using 4 different methods.

Computer configuration is how computer components are organized in each of their functional units. The organization is according to its nature, number, and characteristics. It consists of both hardware and software components.

The various computer hardware includes a power supply, motherboard, memory bar, CPU, graphics card, monitor, solid-state drive, or HDD. In this article, we will cover how to check your compter's configuration profile?

Here are some methods on how to configure your computer:

1. Setting app

  • Step 1: You need to click on your start button and locate the “This PC “icon, then right-click on it. You will see a list of options displayed.

This PC icon options

  • Step 2: Select “Properties,” which will display a window showing the computer's details.

This PC icon options properties

This PC icon properties details
  • Step 3: Review the computer details: the make, model, operating system used, RAM specifications, processor model, the generation your computer is in, and the CPU model.

computer details review

2. Run DxDiag

  • Step 1: In this method, you will have to open the Command panel using the Windows key + R. you will then enter the word “DxDiag” and press “enter” or OK.

Run DxDiag

  • Step 2: A DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will be displayed. It features 4 categories; system, display, sound, and input.

DirectX DiagnosticTool

  • Step 3: Look into the system category, which shows the current date, time, the computer’s name, the operating system, the language used in the computer, the system manufacturer, system model, BIOS, processor, memory, and the DirectX version used.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool window

  • Step 4: Look into the display category, which shows driver details, the display mode, type of monitor, the chip type, the DAC type, and the graphic's manufacturer.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool display category

  • Step 5: Look into the sound category; you will see details of the driver as well as the name of the sound output.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool sound category

In the input category, it shows details of the mouse, keyboard, and wireless button driver. You can also see if your computer can support Virtual Machine.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool input category

3. System information view

  • Step 1: First, press the Windows key + X and select “search.” You should then type “msinfo32” and then click enter. A system information window will be displayed.

system information with msinfo32

  • Step 2: You should have a look at the system summary that is grouped into three: Hardware Resources, Components, and Software Environment.

msinfo32 system summary

Through this method, you will be able to view almost all hardware information, and you can also save the system information.

4. Tripartite software query

In this case, Speccy software is recommended and will run directly after installation. This software will analyze your system and result in displaying a lot of information. It starts by showing a summary of your system involving the operating system, CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, motherboard, optical drives, and many more.

System summary with Speccy software

This software also has an advantage whereby if you want to upgrade your RAM, you can find the type of RAM you are required to have. You can also have a look at the motherboard type you have, which includes the BIOS version. The temperature that your system’s components are running at is also displayed.

FAQ About Computer Configuration

  • How to check apple device configuration profile

You will select the Apple menu then select “System Preferences.” You are supposed to click “Apple ID” and click the device you want to view. The information that will be displayed includes the device model, serial number, and operating system version, which is the iOS.

  • Is there any other viewing software like Speccy?

Yes, there are many:

Easily view the computer hardware

There are various ways you can configure your machine. All the methods have their differences as well as the quantity of information displayed.

In the setting app method, not much information about the computer is displayed. However, for the tripartite software query method, the software installed displays everything about the machine and also shows the temperature the components are running at. You should choose a method that would suit you and one that you understand well.

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