How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us? [Steps Guide]

How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

Can you turn off Quick Chat in Among Us? Read on to learn how to disable Quick Chat and choose between pre-written messages and free typing for a personalized gaming experience in this popular multiplayer game.

Among Us has surged in popularity as a thrilling online multiplayer game centred around strategy, communication, and deduction. As players immerse themselves in the intriguing world of spaceship sabotage and impostor detection, effective communication becomes paramount for success. Among the communication tools available in the game, the Quick Chat feature offers predefined phrases for streamlined interaction, catering to players’ needs, including those of varying languages and ages.

However, for some enthusiasts, the Quick Chat feature may occasionally present limitations or disruptions, prompting the desire for more freedom in communication. In response to such preferences, Among Us allows players to disable Quick Chat, allowing them to type messages freely and engage in more personalized interactions.

In this guide, we delve into the process of disabling Quick Chat in Among Us, empowering players to customize their gameplay experience according to their communication preferences. Whether seeking a quieter gaming ambience or desiring uninterrupted focus on tasks and impostor identification, understanding how to turn off Quick Chat opens avenues for enhanced immersion and enjoyment within the Among Us universe.

What is Quick Chat in Among Us?

What is Quick Chat in Among Us

Quick Chat, introduced by developer Innersloth in early 2021, is a feature in Among Us that enables players to send pre-written messages to each other during gameplay. It offers categorized templates such as accusations, locations, and questions, facilitating quick and efficient communication without typing. This feature is beneficial for players who prefer swift exchanges and those playing on platforms without external messaging services.

Quick Chat also acts as a safety measure for players under the age of 13, limiting their communication to predefined messages to maintain a safer gaming environment and prevent instances of cyberbullying. While younger players are restricted to Quick Chat only, those above 13 can toggle between Quick Chat and free chat options, providing flexibility and enhancing the overall gaming experience for players of different age groups.

How to Disable Quick Chat in Among Us

Although the quick chat feature is undoubtedly convenient, some players may find it distracting and opt to disable it. If you wish to turn off the quick chat feature in Among Us, here is how. By following these steps, you can easily disable Quick Chat in Among Us and tailor your communication experience according to your preferences.

Step 1: Launch Among Us from your preferred platform.

Step 2: Access Settings: Click the Gear icon to open the Settings menu on the title screen.

Open the Settings

Step 3: Navigate to Chat Type: Locate the Chat Type option under the Data tab.

Step 4: Choose Your Preference: Toggle between “Free or Quick Chat” or “Quick Chat Only” based on your preference.

Select Quick Chat

Step 5: Confirm Age: Ensure your age is correctly entered. Players under 13 will not have access to Free Chat.

Step 6: Save Changes: Once selected, the changes will apply when you return to the game.

Should you turn off Quick Chat among us?

Deciding whether to disable the Quick Chat feature in Among Us depends on individual preferences and gaming dynamics. Quick Chat offers convenience and safety by providing predefined phrases, but some players may prefer the freedom of typing custom messages. Factors to consider include communication needs, gaming environment, safety concerns, and adaptability to different communication methods. Players should evaluate how Quick Chat impacts their gameplay and interactions to determine whether turning it off enhances their overall experience in Among Us.


Turning off Quick Chat in Among Us is a choice based on personal preference. Quick Chat offers pre-written messages for fast communication, but some players may prefer typing their own messages. By accessing settings in the game, players can switch between Quick Chat Only and Free Chat options. This decision depends on factors like playing environment and communication needs. Whether playing with friends or in public lobbies, players should choose the option that enhances their gaming experience. Among Us provides various communication tools to accommodate different playstyles and ensure enjoyable gameplay for everyone involved.

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