Player Ratings Breakdown: Analyzing the Top Performers in EA Sports FC

Player Ratings Breakdown

Every year, right before the release of the latest FIFA game, now renamed to EA Sports FC, gamers all over the world eagerly wait to check out the new features and additions. Another thing which they anticipate is the latest player ratings. It is an important metric as it tells how well a player will perform, along with their play styles and unique talents optimized through Opta stats.

With over 19000 players and 700 teams, it is exciting to learn which are the best ones in the game. In the previous titles, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi held a monopoly on the top of the player ratings, but that’s not the case now as young players break out and emerge. In the following post, we will breakdown player ratings and check out the top performers in EA FC.

List of the Top Player Ratings in EA FC

Gamers worldwide scramble every year to spend their FC 25 coins and assemble their dream Ultimate Team. Everyone wants the best players, be it defenders, midfielders, or attackers, in their team.

Therefore, knowledge of the top-rated players in the game becomes necessary. The following is a list of the top 25 player ratings in the game.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne(Manchester City & Belgium) – 91
  2. Erling Haaland(Manchester City & Norway) – 91
  3. Kylian Mbappe(PSG & France) – 91
  4. Alexia Putellas (Barcelona & Spain) – 91
  5. Karim Benzema(Al Ittihad & France) – 90
  6. Aitana Bonmati(Barcelona & Spain) – 90
  7. Thibaut Courtois(Real Madrid & Belgium) – 90
  8. Caroline Graham Hensen(Barcelona & Norway) – 90
  9. Harry Kane(Bayern Munich & England) – 90
  10. Sam Kerr(Chelsea & Australia) – 90
  11. Robert Lewandowski(Barcelona & Poland) – 90
  12. Lionel Messi(Inter Miami & Argentina) – 89
  13. Alisson Becker(Liverpool & Brazil) – 89
  14. Kadidiatou Diani(Lyon & France) – 89
  15. Ruben Dias(Manchester City & Portugal) – 89
  16. Ada Hegerberg(Lyon & Norway) – 89
  17. Mapi Leon(Barcelona & Spain) – 89
  18. Alex Morgan(San Diego Wave & USA) – 89
  19. Neymar(Al Hilal & Brazil) – 89
  20. Rodri(Manchester City & Spain) – 89
  21. Mohamed Salah(Liverpool & Egypt) – 89
  22. Marc-Andre ter Stegen(Barcelona & Germany) – 89
  23. Virgil Van Dijk(Liverpool & Netherlands) – 89
  24. Vinicius Junior(Real Madrid & Spain) – 89
  25. Casemiro (Manchester United & Brazil) – 89

Analysis of Top Performers in EA FC

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the face of the game for so long, is now out of the top 25. Many youngsters are around the top of the rankings, and women players are making a lot of noise too. Let’s analyze the game’s best players.

Younger Superstars on the Rise

As FIFA passed the torch to EA FC, similarly, Messi and Ronaldo passed the torch to the next generation. Apart from both these legends, there is no spot in the top 25 for heavy-hitters like Mane, Neuer, Son, Kante, Ederson, Kroos, Oblak, Kimmich, and more.

All of them were in the top 25 last year, but not anymore. The ranking is dominated by youngsters like Mbappe, Haaland, Vinicius Jr., etc. In the women’s game, Barca stalwarts Putellas and Bonmati are leading the pack.

Younger Superstars on the Rise

Messi Out of Top 5

In the previous edition, Messi had a top 5 spot, but not this year as he slips out. For 13 years on the bounce, he was in the top two, but slipped to the sixth spot this time. Even after winning the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and making a banging start in MLS with Inter Miami, Messi’s rating dropped from 91 to 90. He is the only one from a North American league on this list, along with Alex Morgan.

The New Golden Boy – Kylian Mbappe

In the previous edition of the game, Mbappe was at the third spot, but he rose to the top of player rankings in this year’s game. Even though his rating is still at 91, he benefits from several players getting a drop in their ratings. Also, he is destined to rule the world of football for years to come, and the top spot is worth it for him.

Already a World Cup winner, he came within touching distance of winning back-to-back World Cups, and he deserves the top spot in the ratings  for sure. You’ll have to spend a minimum of 350,000 FUT coins to get Mbappe for your team.

Manchester City Dominating the Ratings

Manchester City won the treble last season, and as a result, many of their players are near the top of the player ratings list. They have the most number of players in the top 25 list, with Kevin de Bruyne, Haaland, and Rodri leading the pack. This year also, Manchester City is playing scintillating football, and they will surely have multiple top-rated players in next year’s edition of EA FC for sure.


So, these were the superstars that have the highest player ratings in EA Sports FC. All of these are world-class players and perform at a high level on a weekly basis. If you want any one of them on your Ultimate Team, get ready to spend a lot of your FC 25 coins.

With the right combination of top-rated defenders, midfielders, attackers, and goalkeeper, you can assemble a great team that will dominate your opponents.

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