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Do you want to recover data in a reliable way? Get more information about the MyRecover software to recover data easily and safely.

You may encounter all kinds of accidents: hard disk failure, accidental deletion, formatting failure, system crash, etc. Unfortunately, these accidents can lead to data loss consequences.

Data recovery is not a simple task. So, choosing a reliable data recovery software is responsible for the safety of your files. Among many data recovery software on the market, we have chosen Windows data recovery software MyRecover for review.

Overall Introduction of MyRecover

We provide a detailed performance overview of MyRecover. In the second half of the article, you'll see the functional tests we did with MyRecover. The results show that MyRecover provides reliable data recovery services. MyRecover has its own outstanding advantages when it comes to data recovery.


Free version of MyRecover available

Fast recovery speed

High recovery rate

Support all Windows operating systems

Recover over 200 types of file systems


Only for Windows data recovery now

Overall Introduction of MyRecover

More Details About MyRecover

You can learn more about MyRecover in more detail and then decide whether you want to try it or not.

Support recover over 200 types of file

Different types of files: text, pictures, audio, video, e-mail, system files, compressed files, etc., MyRecover can help you recover them successfully.

Support data recovery from different storage devices

Delete and lose data in any storage device: internal/external hard disk, USB flash drive, SD card, solid state drive, etc. MyRecover can help you recover data smoothly.

Never change recoverable files

The names, formats and paths of the files you choose to recover will not be changed by MyRecover.

Find all deleted and lost data

MyRecover offers deep scanning and fast scanning methods to meet different scanning needs and find all lost data.

Perform well with all Windows operating systems

MyRecover supports all Windows operating systems, containing Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.

Friendly user experience in data recovery process

MyRecover has a clear graphical user interface, allowing you to realize one-click scanning and three-step recovery of deleted data.

Function Test on MyRecover

We would like to show you in detail how MyRecover recovers data. So, we downloaded the MyRecover installation package from the official MyRecover website and followed the instructions to install it on a Windows computer.

For this MyRecover feature test, I deleted several PDF files from my computer's hard disk. Let's take a look at the file recovery process.

Test Process

After installing the MyRecover program on my computer and launching it, MyRecover recognizes all the hard drives on my computer and the external drives connected to my computer. I hovered my mouse over one of the drives and a scan icon appeared. Simply select the drive where I previously saved my deleted files and click on it to complete the one-click scan.

Test Process

MyRecover's Quick Scan and Deep Scan functions are performed on the hard disk of your choice. All deleted and lost files will be found.

I click the “Type” menus. Here I select the “Document” option to narrow down the scan results.

I type PDF in the search box to find my deleted PDF files quickly. Then I can see all the PDF files on the screen.

You can also try the “Data Modification” filter. There are options like Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days and customization options. “Size” filter will help you to narrow the scanning results and find target file quickly.

Data Modification

I selected my deleted PDF files from the scan results. Also, I chose another path to save my PDF files to avoid data overwriting. MyRecover successfully and quickly completed the file recovery task.

I selected my deleted PDF files

Test Result

At the end of testing MyRecover's features, we can conclude that MyRecover has professional data recovery features. In addition, MyRecover's useful features make the recovery process easier.

To Sum Up

As you can see from this review, MyRecover is the file recovery software you can trust. Tests of MyRecover's features can show that MyRecover has powerful data recovery features that can help you recover files more efficiently.

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