Anatomy Of A Tech Startup Team – By Wrike Project Management Software

Anatomy Of A Tech Startup Team

The tech startup team should be inclusive of all-around professionals. The use of project management software like Wrike ensures the company grows tremendously while acquiring new clients. 

The Organizational structure of the tech startup determines the achievement of business objectives. A startup team with well-defined key roles, duties, and responsibilities ensures the success of the company.

Each employee should play a unique role in the smooth functioning of the startup.  An organized tech startup team also ensures the right information flow in the different departments.

It is even wise to use the free project management scheduling software for a smooth flow of work.

An organized tech startup team ensures:

  • Streamlined business operations
  • Critical decision-making
  • Specialized employee performance
  • Effective customer service
  • Easy startup team performance evaluation.
  • Improved communication between the team members.

Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team - by Wrike project management software

How To Recruit The Best Tech Startup Team.

Hiring the right people is essential for startup success. There are some considerations that you need to make for the benefit of the tech startup.

When recruiting the right personnel, ensure they represent your company’s core values and meet the company’s mission. Also, consider the positions that need to be filled immediately. What positions are crucial at the moment?

Another key thing to check when recruiting tech professionals is their skills and experience. The recruits need to partake in various roles in the area of expertise comfortably.

Also, remember to interview the candidates before actually hiring them. What are they willing to bring to the table? Training can also be administered for certain skill acquisition.

The Anatomy Of A Tech Startup Team

A tech startup team should have a management, operation, sales, human resource, and legal team. Getting your startup to be up and running requires a lot of dedication, transparency, commitment, and hard work.

A. Management Team

A startup team requires to have at least 5 members in the management team. The management will play a huge role in the success of a startup. The initial decisions made at the beginning will determine the growth of the startup as a company.

i. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

When a startup is growing, the CEO is often responsible for the organization's overall functioning, vision, and culture. Therefore, the CEO needs to be an upright person who wants the company to prosper.

A C.EO can even be one of the co-founders of the startup – an individual who knows the company better than everyone else. At times, startups even prefer hiring outsiders to be the CEO of the companies.

ii.  Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A CTO is equally important as the CEO. Actually, in a tech startup, a CTO is crucial as they make critical decisions pertaining to technological developments. If the co-founders are not technically advanced, you may hire someone proficient in the different technologies.

They must be skilled in programming languages, hardware development, software development, app, and much more. The more experienced the CTO is, the better for the tech startup.

Even though you can also consider freelance front-end and back-end engineers, having a technical head in your team is crucial.

iii. Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Another vital member of the management team is the Chief Sales Officer(CSO). The officer works towards ensuring all the sales growth targets are met. They also ensure all the revenue channels provide the right output.

The CSO needs to be good at communication and negotiation skills since they will be bringing customers to the company. They also oversee evaluation, implementation, and reporting on sales.

iv. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Even though there will be junior marketing officers, there is a need for a Chief Marketing Officer. Their role is to oversee all the startup's marketing strategies. How effective are they? Which strategy can be substituted with the other? What are the latest marketing strategies boosting our competitors?

The Chief Marketing officer oversees the growth of the business through the implemented marketing strategies. They also take part in managing social media marketing campaigns. The CMO also needs to be good at forming great customer-business ties.

v. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial officer plays a huge role in ensuring smooth financial transactions. They oversee all the accountants in the company to ensure all the financial records are accurate.

They should oversee and check whether there is any kind of irregularities. Additionally, the CFO helps in cash flow management and ensure a healthy balance sheet.

B. Operation Team

Operation Team

The operation team recruitment should also be done precisely. They play a major role in the development of the technical aspects of the startup. Without them, then most operations would be futile.

When the team is carrying out a project, they can use a free project management scheduling software like Wrike to ensure a smooth flow of work.

i. User Experience Team (UX)

The User Experience team consists of the UX researcher, UX designer, Front-end developers, and team lead. They work towards providing the perfect design and front-end development.

They work on “what you first see when you look at a product”. The UX researcher checks valuable insights that can help the UX designer to boost their designs and layout. The researcher checks new trends and technologies to update the designer.

The UX designer works hand in hand with the front-end developer to build the user interface.

ii. Back-End Team

The back-end team consists of the back-end developers, middle-stack developers, and the team lead. Their main role is coding, building applications, and app core logic development.

The UX team deals with the front end “what you see”, while the back end team creates the products. The team leader plays a vital role in assigning the roles to the respective developers.

iii. DevOps Team

The DevOps team is responsible for creating flawless user experience and cloud infrastructure management. They deal with application infrastructure deployment and maintenance. The team often consists of the team lead, cloud architect, SRE specialist, and system administrator.

The team lead assigns roles, the cloud architect deals with the cloud tech, the SRE ensures smooth system operation, and the system administrator maintains the cloud.

iv. Product Team

The product manager should be familiar with the product elements. They need to check the issue first-hand and find viable solutions to the issue.

The product manager analyzes and works towards meeting the business goals. They also research on how a product will benefit the customers, who are the target customers, what is being built, and what method can be used to build it.

v. QA team

The tech startup organizational structure also needs a Quality Assurance team. They are responsible for testing apps or any products to check whether they are functioning well. The team consists of the QA lead, QA analysts, and Testers.

The QA lead sets the indicators of quality standards that guide the other team members on what to adhere to. The QA analyst then develops and executes test plans for app testing.

The design unit tests and creates documents during the testing process. The testers then test whether the apps, products, or prototype meets the right standard.

C. Sales Team

The Sales team plays a major role in bringing new clients and customers into the company.

i. Business Development Manager

The business development manager looks for lucrative ways to grow the company in marketing and sales.

They concentrate on forming relationships or collaborations with other businesses. A business development manager seeks new business prospects within and outside the organization. They work hand in hand with the Chief Sales Officer.

ii. Customer Service Representative

The startup tech team also needs a customer service representative who can answer inquiries from customers. It is important to develop strong interactions with customers and clients.

The tech startup can easily fall if there is no one taking care of the customers and clients well.

D. Human Resources Team

In a tech startup, there is a need to have a human resources team. When building a company you need to employ the most specialized employees. Also, if there are any issues, in the company, then they will report to the human resources manager.

Human resource managers recruit the right members, take care of the payroll, update policies and maintain all employee records. They also strive to ensure career growth of the individuals, training, wellness, and communication.

The human resource manager needs to use project management software to ensure all employees work as they should.

Legal Team

You can either outsource or have a legal team in the company. The department provides legal services to the company. They specialize in different legalities to ensure the smooth flow of the company.

Recruit The Right Professionals To Join Your Tech Startup Team

Startups grow through the right professionals. Therefore, if you would want your tech startup to grow, then investing in the right recruits is crucial.

The management, operations, sales, legal, and human resource teams need to have the right personnel for the smooth flow of work in the company.

They must work hand in hand for the benefit of the company. Additionally, using a project management software like Wrike can do the trick.

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