Data Blogs: The Platforms for Enthusiasts and Experts

Data Blogs

Data science is a broad field, and with the innovation and improvement of the field records daily, it's nearly impossible to get all the knowledge you need at once. Even when you start earning as a Data scientist or engineer, the learning never stops.

Beyond the courses, videos, and podcasts, major data scientist learning sources are data blogs. ‘Blog' is a word coined from ‘web log' to refer to textual content published on the internet. For example, this article you are reading is a blog.

As a data scientist, one major continuous source of information you need is a data blog. There are numerous data blogs out there and so many other websites with blogs in them. This piece will define what data blogs are, what you should expect from them, and the best ones out there.

What are data blogs?

What are data blogs

Data blogs are platforms with frequent updates and information that give you an inside perspective of the whole data science ecosystem. Data blogs also expound on topics, passing new information on processes, and helping readers generally stay abreast of events in the industry.

Data science firms and experts can also have blogs embedded in their websites to provide content to the internet.

Data blogs are just like other blogs but focus on topics revolving around data science and data engineering. The blogs also focus on how the data science world evolves and unfolds in the various other industries that the services are needed.

Don't joke with data blogs if you are willing to learn more about the data science field and how it relates to other industries in need of the services.

How data blogs can facilitate your data science learning

How data blogs can facilitate your data science learning

As a data scientist, blogs are important. However, you can also go beyond reading them to writing your own, and you don't have to be an expert to start. Generally, here are ways writing or reading data blogs can help your career as a data scientist.

Build Reputation

Writing blogs as a data scientist is a great way to let people see what you do. Writing about a subject matter is proof that you understand a bit about the subject. The more you write, the more your knowledge deepens on the subject, which others can see and commend.

Your data blog can also be an invaluable asset to your CV in the long run. This is because the blog depicts your growth over time.


To write about a particular topic, you'll need to research. In the course of the research, you get to understand concepts more, which is a plus. In addition, research helps you find the information you were not even looking for in the first place.

Learn from experts

When you read data blogs, you get to read about personal experiences and information. Also, you get to learn better ways to execute the data wrangling process, data mining, etc. Learning from experts is always a good idea, and data blogs are a good place to start.

The best data blogs to follow

The best data blogs to follow

Upon deciding to read data blogs, here are a few blogs you should start with.


Coresignal is a platform with expertise in providing different data forms to businesses for marketing. Coresignal is the optimized alternative from public web sources. The business side of Coresignal has developed over the years, which has afforded them the ability to churn out valuable content on their blog.

As a data scientist, at whatever stage, going through the Coresignal blog daily will help your learning curve.

ThinkFul Blog

Thinkful blog offers genuine insight into what it means to be a data scientist. The platform also hosts a training course that has contributed to the career of many data scientists over the years. The Thankful blog focuses on how to help enthusiasts understand how their skills can translate to different areas of life, business, and industry.

Alternative Data Blog

In addition to learning about data science through more traditional blogs, central to more general data science topics, The Alternative Data blog can enrich your knowledge about data and provides you with news, industry stats, and more regarding alternative data and data-related topics.

Facebook Data Science Blog

When it comes to data, Facebook is one of the biggest names that come to mind in the world. The data Facebook has access to and analyses transcend from business to even personal data. So, it's safe to say the company understands the behavior of most humans in the world.

With the research blog from Facebook, professionals get insights into the behind-the-scenes of major data problems that the company solves daily. In addition, the company's scientists conduct large-scale, global research into how people behave and interact.

The data from these researches inform the steps the company takes in improving its product offerings. Understanding the processes behind such research can be a huge plus to your research and data scientist knowledge base.

The research and data team at Facebook contains some of the best professionals in the world.

Final take

Data blogs are incredible resources that contribute to the growth and career of either the reader or writer. Whichever side you fall on, you must maximize the platform. Continue learning and improving the lives of users across the world.

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