[100% working] Best 1337x Proxy Server list in 2023

1337x Proxy

Are you looking for a reliable platform for downloading torrents? Then go for 1337x or its mirror and alternative sites for downloading all types of media content and software

This website is one of the most popular platforms for downloading torrent files. The 1337x serves as a directory for torrents and magnet links. Here you can download your favorite games, apps, and movies.

You need to be careful when downloading content from 1337x because you can expose yourself to viruses and malware.  Unfortunately, 1337x is considered an illegal platform, and you can’t access it in some countries.

1337x Mirror/proxy sites

Mirror/Proxy SiteStatusSpeedSafetyWorking
https://www.1337x.twOnline918 msYesExit
https://x1337x.seOnline3.60 sYesExit
https://ww2.1337x.buzzOnline908 msYesExit
https://ww1.1337x.buzzOnline1.37 sYesExit
https://1337x.unblockninja.comOnline924 msYesExit
https://1337xto.toOnline1.21 sYesExit
https://www.1377x.isOnline1.05 sYesExit
https://www.1337xxx.toOnline709 msYesExit
https://1337x.stOnline3.73 sYesExit
https://x1337x.euOnline1.97 sYesExit

1337x Alternatives

Do you feel that 1337x doesn't meet your expectations, or is it not accessible from your country or region? That shouldn't bother you because you can still download your favorite movies, apps, and games from its alternative sites.

Here are some of the best 1337 proxy sites you should consider for downloading torrents.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Homepage

This platform is the best for downloading movies, videos, games, music, software, and other torrent files. The Pirate Bay has been in the industry since 2003, and you can also be part of its happy users. You can effortlessly search and download torrents without paying even a dime because the platform is entirely free.

The good thing about the Pirate bay is that it’s available in 35 languages. However, some countries have banned the site because it contains pirated content.

2. Kickass torrent

Kickass Torrents

Like 1337x, Kickass torrent offered a directory for magnetic links and torrent files. The original Kickass torrent supported over 35 languages, with English as its primary language. Unfortunately, the original site is no longer online, but you can still use its proxy sites and mirror sites.

Some copycat sites use the same name and similar platform design as Kickass torrent. Reviews from some users show little or no difference between the original Kickass torrent and some alternative and mirror sites.

3. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent Homepage

This site was also a reliable online platform for downloading torrents such as software and entertainment media. Here you could search and download various torrents stress-free. ExtraTorrent was among the leading BitTorrent indexes globally before its shutdown voluntarily on 17 May 2017.

One of the features that made this platform unique is that users could also contribute torrent files and magnet links. Now that the website is no longer available, you can only use its proxy sites.

4. Rarbg


You can never go wrong using Rarbg as a 1337x alternative for downloading films, music, games, software, and other torrent files. The website also provides torrent files and magnet links that enable peer–to–peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

Rarbg is not a new torrents site in the industry. It's one of the most visited platforms, according to TorrentFreak. However, you should note that Rarbg is also considered an illegal site, and it could be inaccessible from some countries and regions.

5. Yify


This platform was a famous site for distributing high-quality movies through BitTorrent. Yify or YTS is considered the home for free films because you could never miss your favorite movie on it. The good thing about this site is that it offers content in small file sizes and fast downloads.

Additionally, you could download movie torrents of various quality such as 3D, 1080p, and 720p. Unfortunately, Yify was shut down but you can use its alternative or proxy accounts.

6. Torrentz2


You will also find Torrentz2 amazing if you enjoy using the Torrentz platform. This site is a reliable 1337x alternative where you can download all types of entertainment content and software. Torrentz2 is one of the best torrent indexers and Torrentz search engines.

Here you enjoy top-notch torrenting and file-sharing space free of charge. However, it would help if you were careful when using Torrentz2 and its mirror sites because they can expose you to viruses and malware.

Unblock 1337x

Torrent downloads are extremely restrictive in some regions, so you need to bypass geo-restrictions. Are you unable to access the 1337x platform from your country? Probably your internet service provider has blocked it. It’s also possible that 1337x has included your country in its geo-restricted countries.

Here are basic approaches that you can use to unblock 1337x and download content stress-free.

1. Use VPN

bypassing geo location with VPN

One of the best ways for bypassing geo-restriction is by using a VPN. A VPN will enable you to hide your identity, and you can download content from 1337x stress-free. If the site has been blocked in your country, you can use a VPN to hide, change your IP address and replace it with an IP address from a region that has no geo-restrictions.

Doing so unblocks the site, and you can download content without trouble. However, you should remember that 1337 remains an illegal torrents site even if you use a VPN. It would help if you also were cautious when using torrent sites because they can expose you to malware and viruses.

2. Use a proxy

Use a proxy

When you use a proxy, it serves as a “middleman” between you and the 1337x. A proxy server has an IP address like any other device that connects to the internet. Therefore, a proxy will shield your actual IP address and give you a different one when you use it to access 1337x or any other site.

That way, you can easily access websites that are blocked or banned in your country stress-free. The good thing about using a proxy over a VPN is that you don’t have to install anything.

3. Use a mirror site/proxy site

1337x mirror site

Now, for those who don’t want to use a VPN or a proxy, the other method for unblocking 1337x is by using its mirror/proxy sites. Numerous mirror sites look like 1337 x and offer similar services.

You can access and download your favorite torrents from these sites without trouble and free of charge.

4. Tor browser

Tor browser

Tor browser works like any other browser and you can use it to open 1337x and other regular sites. You need to download the Tor browser, install it and use it to access the 1337x platform and other blocked sites.

The good thing about the Tor browser is that it is a free, open-source internet anonymity tool and easy to use. However, the website is prolonged, and users don't have the choice of a server other than its three servers.


Q. Can you upload content in 1337x?

Yes. You can download and upload content on this platform. However, you have to adhere to its strict terms and conditions. Otherwise, you risk being demoted or banned.

The platform is considered illegal because it offers illegal torrents. The platform is safe, but you should be cautious of malware and other viruses.

Q. Do you need a specific browser to access the 1337x platform?

No, you don't.  You can access the platform from all major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. However, you should try the Tor browser if you have challenges when trying to launch 1337x.

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