Is TOR Safe?

Is TOR Safe

We are living in the era of the internet where it is now possible to reach to anywhere in the world virtually with the help of internet. The Internet has brought new revolutions in humans' history. We have invented so many things with the help of internet which the people living in the last century cannot even think about it.

But, the invention of new technology does not come along with positive changes only but there are negative impacts of technology as well. For example, people, today, who are using the internet has issues of privacy and day by day, online privacy issues are getting complicated.

Privacy is not just all about your personal information but also, businesses who are using e-business in their business face lot of problem regarding the leakage of very important information, which could be anything from a business idea to financial information, etc. Although governments all around the world are very concern about the online activities of their citizens.

Many governments are spying the online activities of people to have better control over them and stop any activities which are being planned online against them etc. In short, the internet has brought many privacy-related issues and people are looking for cheap solutions to get rid of them.

There are several ways through which you can make your online activities anonymous. The popular ways including online proxy, web proxy, VPN, Hotspots, browsers related plug-in and extension. Although, there is a popular browser called TOR which is believed a secure browser to hide your online activities.

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What is TOR Browser?

Unlike other ways of going online anonymously, TOR is a web browser which is created to make web suffering totally anonymously. It was developed by a nonprofit organization but later due to the new idea and privacy concern, the government of the United States has funded the organization that was developing it.

It is also popular that the government of America has used this browser during their war-related activities in different countries to send important information from one place to another place to hide from other people. Although, there is another rumor, according to which, it has been believed that the TOR browser was originally designed and developed for the USA navy.

The TOR was originally called the Onion Router due to its software design which hides the online activity of a user with layers of different routers in the same way like an onion.

Is TOR Really Safe to Use?

It is true that TOR helps with the anonymity of traffic but TOR does not promise about online privacy at all. To make it clear to their users, TOR did not comes up with their complete privacy policy or what they do with the data logs of their user.

Although, isn't enough to know that the whole software is funded by the government? Why would the government of a country is interested to fund software which makes online traffic anonymous?

In Short, TOR is not safe because your online activities can be still recorded by the government. Even, the issue regarding the privacy or TOR is always in news and many studies have been arranged by different companies which proves that TOR is not so anonymous in terms of online privacy.

Instead of above issues which makes TOR un-safe, the design of TOR software is enough to make it one of the unreliable software to use it to hide your online activities because there are many routers get involved to make your online activity anonymous in TOR which means that any break of security at any point of the router will leak your information to anonymous people or to those who break this security or hack it on purpose etc.

Even if you are planning to use TOR for the regular purpose like browsing websites anonymously, unblocking the blocked content and watching movies at Netflix, TOR is still not a reliable choice to choose because TOR is using Java technology which makes online browsing very slow. Although, TOR itself is very slow software to operate.

The number of IP address available to hide your activities through TOR is very limited and internet speed on those servers are not always stable. So, forget about your online security and online privacy for a second, TOR is even not a good choice for other purposes as well.

Alternatives of TOR Browser

There is a number of different ways which you can use instead of TOR as I have mentioned earlier like web proxy, online proxy, VPN and Hotspot etc but not all of them comes up with super features which you deserve while you are using the internet.

For example, Hotspot has slow internet speed were options like web proxy come up with limited features, high prices and web ads in case if you are using the free proxy. As compared to these alternatives, you can go with a VPN which is stands for the virtual private network and created to provide online privacy and online security to the people.

VPN may come up with limited privacy option but online if you choose a low-quality VPN company. There are some companies which provide high internet speed, excellent privacy policy and 100% guaranty of your online security. For example, ExpressVPN does that.

ExpressVPN is different from others in terms to provides you an exclusive privacy solution. Their privacy policy is very clean in which they have mentioned that they do not record the data logs of their clients' activities where they have sent different online security protocols to make the online security possible of their users as well.


Indeed TOR browser is cheap where ExpressVPN is not but if you compare the features of both of them and you are concern about your privacy then you should not be worried about very little monthly fee of ExpressVPN because you are getting fast internet, access of hundreds of VPN servers in 90 countries, unlimited monthly bandwidth and excellent 24 hours support to get your problem solved etc.

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