A Cybersecurity Specialist Answered the Most Important Questions About the Use of Vpn Services

Vpn Services

In this article, you will learn everything about the VPN service, whether they are safe or not, and how to choose the right service and not fall into the traps of scammers. Cybersecurity is one of the most important topics of our time, which every Internet user should be familiar with to protect their data.

Fpn is considered an important aspect that creates additional security for your data on the Internet. However, all three PN services are safe and what should you know about your cybersecurity? We will answer these questions in today's article.

There are many games and entertainment on the Internet, sites, and platforms that can only be visited with VPN. But the entertainment on the Hellspin login website is available on any device without VPN. What is VPN and how to use it correctly for good and not for harm, we'll figure it out now!

What Is a Vpn and What Is It For?

What Is a Vpn and What Is It For

VPN is a virtual private network. There may be a limited number of people on the network. VPN marks all its participants and the information they transmit. The data is protected from third parties by encryption. To keep the data confidential, the VPN does not allow third—party users and checks traffic sources so that the transmitted data does not leak outside the network in an open (unencrypted) form.

When you turn on the VPN, all your traffic is transferred to a remote server, and then it gets to the destination. The path to and from the intermediary is encrypted. Your real IP address is replaced by the address of the VPN server – the location and identity are disguised since the requested site only sees the address that the VPN gave.

What is a VPN used for:

  • For anonymity. You can hide your location, and site browsing history, and not show the type of browser you are using. For example, for marketplaces.
  • For a secure connection between home and office. Large companies often organize their own VPN channel so that employees at a remote location can safely connect to corporate resources (servers, programs, and corporate mail)
  • To access websites and messengers that are not available in a limited area;
  • To change geolocation for shopping purposes. For example, in different countries, online stores offer the same products at different prices or restrict purchases or delivery for individual regions altogether.

How Safe Is It to Use Vpn Services?

VPN services may collect information about you for resale. For example, if you use free VPN services that collect data about the sites you have visited. Such data can be sold to companies that use advertising preference settings.

Some VPN services do not protect data well. In addition to information about your interests, the VPN operator can collect information about the dates and times of connections, and MAC addresses of devices.

Additionally, the VPN service application can collect data about your location, and access the camera and gallery. On Android, the app store will warn you about the collected data when installing the app, on iOS, permissions are requested when the app is first launched.

VPN services can increase the amount of advertising by mixing it into traffic. For example, VPN Hotspot Shield intercepted traffic and collected data about user preferences, although it positioned itself as a “completely anonymous VPN service”. When a user connected to an online store, the VPN service forwarded him to sites with advertising.

How to Choose a Normal Vpn?

Some VPN applications can indeed threaten to leak data. If you download a VPN to your smartphone, it is important to track which access rights the application requests. He needs a maximum of two access rights: to change the configuration of the smartphone itself (that is, adding a VPN to the phone) and second — if desired — permission for notifications. As a rule, they are sent if the servers are unstable, some kind of failure has occurred or an update is being prepared.

“If a VPN application requests access to storage, camera, microphone, and geolocation at the initial stage of its launch, I recommend deleting this application and downloading another one,” the expert says.

Is My Information Protected If I’m Using a Vpn on Websites?

VPN in ordinary words is another computer that is located abroad — in Indonesia, Australia, and other countries. VPN bypasses blocking websites. The server is located in those countries where this site is not blocked. When visiting a website, be sure to make sure that the traffic is protected.

How? There is such a protocol as HTTP and HTTPS. In the browser, this is displayed with a green lock in the address bar — this means that the connection is encrypted, this is the HTTPS protocol. If the lock is red, then the connection is insecure — HTTP protocol.

From the outside, no one will be able to take over the data if the HTTPS protocol is installed. If third parties get hold of some data, they will receive it in encrypted form and a person will not be able to decrypt anything. If the protocol is set as HTTP, then from the outside it will still be able to take certain data and use them – to get personal confidential information, information about bank cards, usernames, and passwords.

Am I Anonymous via Vpn?

Am I Anonymous via Vpn

No. VPN is a means to bypass website blockages. Some people think that if they installed a VPN, it means they anonymized themselves. But anonymization takes place using the Tor browser, a VPN cannot guarantee absolute anonymity — it's just a means to bypass locks.

Therefore, if a person wants to be anonymous and bypass the blocking, he should use the Tor browser.

Do I Need to Register with a Vpn Service?

By no means. There is a huge probability that your data will then leak into the darknet — the dark segment of the Internet. Most websites and VPN services that request passwords store hashes (encrypted passwords) in their database.

“I would never recommend registering there, specifying your email, or logging in through other social networks. If they had told me that before entering the VPN, you need to register, I would have immediately deleted this application and installed another one,” the expert stressed.


Thus, we see that VPN services are far from the most secure applications. It's best to use them simply to log into Instagram or scroll through a blocked site. And then immediately turn it off and do not use VPN with those applications that can work without it.

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