7 Best FREE Software to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

Do you know how to recover deleted photos from the SD card? In the case that you format your SD card, USB flash drive, or external hard disk, there is a way you can recover your data, through a photo recovery software. Find out about the best software that you can use to get your photos back.

How often do you delete your photos unexpectedly or just lose your photos due to your device failure? Many, times right? However, there are software you can use to recover your deleted photos from your SD card, USB flash drive, and external hard disk or recycle bin. The choice of the software to use depends on the amount of data you have lost. They vary in price depending on what you want to be retrieved. Here are some of the best software you can use to recover photos.

1. Disk drill

Disk drill homepage

It is free software that runs on Windows and Mac OS. However, it only supports 500MB of data recovery unless you choose the pro version. Not only will you manage to recover photos, but also other types of data like office documents, messages, and media files. It can restore data from HDD, USB drive, or SD card. It offers free data protection with a recovery vault and allows you to preview lost files before retrieving them.

Disk drill price

Steps to Use the Disk Drill

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Step 1: Download the Disk Drill Software. Set it up and run it

Step 2: Ensure your SD Card is connected to your computer device.

Step 3: Click on data recovery on the top left, on the next screen you will see all connected external disks connected to your computer.

Step 4: Select the specific SD card, and on the left menu bar, click on “Search for lost data”.

Step 5: It will start scanning depending on the data available. After the scanning is done, you will see the recovered data. Click on review found items. To know if a file is recoverable, it should be displayed there.

Step 6: Select all the files you want and click “Recover all items”. A prompt will come up and you can choose a destination folder.

2. Recuva

Recuva overview

You can use this recovery tool to recover data on any damaged flash disk. To improve the possibility of data recovery, you can scan in-depth and delete files that you don't need safely. Recuva can recover files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, modern camera card, or MP3 player. It can recover images, music, documents, videos, emails, or any other file type. You can recover data from a formatted or damaged drive.

Recuva price chart

Steps to Use Recuva

Step 1: Download Recuva software, set it up, and run it.

Step 2: Click on Advanced mode, when the wizard opens, click on options, a dialog box will appear.  Click on the Actions tab.

Step 3: Click “Scan for non-deleted files” and OK.

Step 4: Run the Recuva scan and you will see the non-deleted files indicated with a green double circle status icon.

3. Photorec

Photorec homepage

Photorec is a free open source that supports many systems and has excellent recovery capabilities for photos. Its main function is to restore images from digital cameras. However, you can still use it to retrieve photos from computers, mobile phones, tablets, memory cards, and hard drives. This is despite any file corruption. It features an online checker that checks whether the images can be restored.


Photorec price

Steps to use Photo Rec data recovery software

Step 1: Download the Photo Rec software, install and run it.

Step 2: Choose the location where you want to retrieve your files from.Moreover, choose the free option for the program to retrieve deleted files from the system.

Step 3: Choose the file format you would want to recover. This is because the program can read files in several formats.

Step 4:Choose the destination folder where the recovered files will be stored. Then click search to scan for files. The destination folder should be in a safe place where the files haven't been corrupted.

4. Stellar Recover

Stellar recovery homepage

It has one of the best images and video recovery capabilities. You can recover 1GB of data for free and any file type. If you choose the advanced version, you can easily recover damaged photos and video files. You can use it to recover lost or deleted documents, email data files, and media. You can retrieve data from a PC, laptop, hard drive, and USB flash disk stick. It allows you to recover files lost due to a formatted drive or corruption.

Price: Free

Stellar recovery price

Steps to Use the Stellar Recovery software

Step 1: Download the Stellar recovery software, install and run it.

Step 2: Select the File Type that you want to recover and click “Next”

Step 3: Choose Select From and choose the specific drive or location then click “Scan”

Step 4: Select the files after scanning is complete and click recover to save the data.

5. Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare recoverit

Recoverit is an amazing software that you can use to recover your deleted files, photos, videos, audios, emails, and much more. This allows you to restore everything that you need. It can recover data on your Windows, Mac, USB flash drive, SD card, and hard drive. You get to preview your files before you recover to choose the ones you need. It is 100% safe hence be assured of satisfaction. It can recover a variety of files and file systems. It is one of the most trusted recovery tools in the market.


Wondershare recoverit price

The simple steps to use Wondershare Recoverit.

Step 1: Download the Wondershare Recoverit software, install, and run it.

Step 2: Choose the specific disk that you want to retrieve data, and scan the disk to restore the files.

Step 3: Preview the recovered files and save them in a desirable destination storage folder.

6. Ease us

Ease us homepage

It is one of the most remarkable recovery wizards that has been in existence for over 17 + years. It allows you to recover essential data that you may have lost unknowingly. Hence, it can be a great lifesaver when you have lost files.  It offers up to a 99.7% recovery rate of data deleted by humans or software errors. It is ideal for Windows PC, laptops, hard drives, and USB.  It can help you when you get a virus attack, file deletion, or unexpected system crash.


Ease us price

Steps to use Data recovery software

Step 1: Download the EaseUs data recovery software, install and run it.

Step 2: Select the location of where your lost data is to start to scan. If on a hard drive, external disk, desktop, or SD card choose it.

Step 3: Scan the file location to recover the lost files. You can use the filter to just choose the files that have been deleted.

Step 4: Preview the scanned recovered files. You can filter the file types to get the specific ones that you want. After choosing the files you want, click the Recover button to get your data back. Save the files in a safe place.

7. LazeSoft Mac Data Recovery

LazeSoft Mac Data Recovery homepage

It is one of the most powerful free data recovery software for the Mac OS operating system. It allows you to recover an unlimited GB of data for free. It can be used to recover data or files from HFS, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT, and other file systems. You can recover data from a hard disk, USB flash disk, memory card, and SD card. You can use it to recover data when the files have been deleted, damaged, or deleted.

Price: Free

Steps to use the Lazesoft Mac data recovery software

Step 1: Download the Lazesoft Mac Data recovery software, install and run it. Install it by dragging the software into your applications folder.

Step 2: Choose a recovery mode, such as fast scan, deep scan, unformat or undelete. Preview the files after scanning the files

Step 3: Select a destination folder to save the recovered files. Save them separately from the initial folder that they were.

Backup your data

The file size that you want to recover will play a big role while choosing the appropriate software for recovering your deleted photos. Choose the best software that can recover the specific media files that you want. After recovering the files, ensure your computer or device is virus-free to prevent the files or folder from being corrupted again. Hence, be wary of the kind of storage you choose for your files. The most important thing is to back up and get in the habit of saving data.

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