BEST 6 PSN IP Grabber Similar to PSN Resolver in 2023

PS4 Resolver Similar To PSN Resolver

There are a wide variety of PS4 games that can interest you. You can use the various PS4 resolvers to identify your opponent’s identity, IP address, geolocation, and city.

What’s your favorite PS4 game? How often do you play it? Playing video games is a fantastic way to utilize your free time and relax your mind.

However, it can be hard to know whether you are playing with a human or a machine. You can use these PS4 resolvers to check the identity of the other player.

It is legal to check the IP address of the other player using these online and downloadable tools. However, don’t use sensitive information for malicious reasons.

What Is PSN Resolver?

Psn resolver is a function integrated on X resolver. You can use it to find someone's IP address through PlayStation’s username and vice versa. Millions of usernames are stored on the database and increase each day.

The tool obtains the public Gamertag and ipv4 addresses through the web scraping robots. The intelligent AI Engine is then used to associate with a specific user. It is legal to obtain the details but should only be used for educational purposes.

PSN Resolver’s great features make it easy to obtain players' IP addresses and geolocation. You can then verify your opponent's identity and strategize on the game.

1. Wannabe1337

Wannabe1337 Psn Resolver

This web tool can help you get other users’ usernames or IP addresses on the PlayStation network. In addition, it supports the reverse search of the PSN username via their IP address.

The IP address is gotten through the packet filters, DDoS protection, and algorithms. Wannabee1337 makes it easier to learn about your fellow opponent and strategize. You will never have to worry about malicious people or hackers.


Bootyou Psn Resolver

This is another multifunctional PS4 Resolver. However, you will need to log in and purchase a membership to use the tool.

Like most IP retrievers, it uses algorithms to get a gamer's IP address and username. This is through the analysis and monitoring of the network packets.

The tool gets the IP address, geolocation, Internet Service Provider, and city. You can know whether you are playing with a robot or a person.

3. Octosniff

Octosniff Psn Resolver

This is a dynamic tool that can be used on PS4 and Xbox. It allows you to optimize your game connection to increase your wins by knowing who you are playing with. It has many powerful features, easy to install, and has plenty of knowledge tutorials.

Furthermore, it also features a community discord and support ticket system. This makes it easy to troubleshoot any issues you encounter when using Octosniff. Additionally, it has a user-friendly user interface with the end-users in mind.

It is malware-free and won't affect your computer at all. The tool makes it easy to identify packets automatically. On PS4, it has a “username AI feature” to associate an IP with the username.

4. Lanc PCPS

Lanc PCPS Psn Resolver

This is an ideal Gamertag resolver and IP puller for PlayStation. You need to submit the Gamertag/username in the database to output their IP address. Lanc PCPS can be used online or downloaded offline.

The setup and installation process is easy. In addition, it has an inbuilt spoofing and packet filtering function for pulling IP addresses. The Lanc PCPS tool identifies the opponent's country and location easily. Fortunately, it offers both free and premium plans.

5. Consolesniffer

Consolesniffer Psn Resolver

Unfortunately, this tool can only be installed on the computer and for some games. In most cases, unless the other party is playing a PS4 game with you, it can't grab the username or IP information.

Like most PS4 resolvers, it comes with network packet filters, algorithms, and web scraping capabilities. This makes the gamer IP, username, and geolocation retrieval easier. It is easy to download and install.

Additionally, it works over Wi-Fi and all consoles. It has a simple setup procedure with no cables required. It is compatible with VPN, and once you purchase it, you can download it instantly.

6. Playstationresolver


It is a great PS4 resolver that is similar to a PSN resolver. You can use a username to get the IP address, username, and geolocation effortlessly. The technologies used are the AI engines, web scraping robots, and the Gamertag or iPv4.

It is easy to set up and use. Up to now, there are over 1.46 million Gamertag/usernames logged in the system. You need to log in to the Gamertag and find the user’s IP address.


Q. How to prevent my Gamertag and IP address from being crawled?

VPNs are ideal if you want to hide your IP address. In PS4, it can be superior to hide your IP address and username. It is not illegal to hide your details for security reasons. You can also pay a fee on the different platforms to hide your IP address.

Q. How to prevent others from launching DDoS ​​attacks through IP addresses?

You can use a VPN to hide it. You will get an alternate IP address for gaming to keep you safe. This will boost your online safety.


When retrieving the IP address, geolocation, or city, ensure it is for legal purposes and not for your selfish use. In as much as the tools are legal to use, you shouldn’t use another player's details in the wrong way.

However, you can use a reliable VPN to hide your IP address and ensure you are safe while online.

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