GamCare Forum: Overview and Alternatives

GamCare Forum

GamCare, a leading non-profit organization founded in 1997 provides emotional support and advice to those who are inflicted by the woes of gambling.

This independent organization provides support although out Britain, Wales, and Scotland in the forms of confidential live chat support, 24×7 open hotline, live group chatroom where people who have experienced the same situation come together to share experiences.

GamCare as an organisation also provides a safe space called “GamCare Forum” which is an online active message board to provide peer support and secure space to share experiences and issues with addictive and compulsive gambling.

However, there are multiple gambling sites that are not on Gamstop since they hold offshore licenses from Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar, etc, and not UKGC. Yet punters playing on these offshore sites can also freely access the GamCare forums to discuss and seek advice, in case of addictive gambling.

GamCare Forum Overview

GamCare Forum Overview

The GamCare Forum hosts a variety of chatrooms, all dedicated to various topics relevant to gambling and its issues. Different groups tackle and provide support for active members. New members introduce themselves in a separate chatroom named “New Members intros forum” where people ask for help, support and advice.

The forum follows a set of stringent rules to keep the forum friendly, inclusive, safe for its members. People who gamble on other popular gambling sites not covered by GamStop like Fortune Clock, Prestige spin, Jackpot Charm, and Very Well, and many more such sites are welcome to come and join the forum to share their stories and issues.

Alternatives to GamCare Forum 

Alternatives to GamCare Forum 

Sometimes, peer support and advice are not enough to curb harmful gambling tendencies if the issue becomes chronic. While GamCare provides a secure support group but it does not provide holistic solutions to take care of the issue. This is where other stringent alternatives to GamCare become relevant. GamBan, GamBlock, Gambling Therapy offer reliable, secure alternatives to stay away from chronic gambling when it becomes an issue.

GamBan works as an application which when installed blocks out sites and applications which has gambling hosts to try and curb the temptation of gambling. GamBan works to update lists of gambling operators and illegal sites every day to provide optimal security to people struggling with gambling issues. GamBan is a popular method for people to practice self-exclusion as it blocks sites not only in Great Britain but internationally.

Another popular method to practice self-exclusion from gambling is GamStop. GamStop is a free online service provided by the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme, where one signs up to be a part of the program which prevents people who sign up for the program to access gambling sites based and registered in Great Britain.

From 31st March 2020, the Gambling Commission in Britain has made it essential for all online gambling sites to be registered under GamStop to procure license thereby bringing all Britain-based online gambling sites under its fold to ensure better implementation of the GamStop scheme. Although this scheme does not provide conclusive aid to restrict gambling behaviours for those who sign up because it only covers gambling sites registered in Great Britain.

There are many casinos providing non GamStop no deposit free spins on registration and are available for all UK players without exceptions. This includes but is not limited to SlotsNBets, Very Well, Royal Oak, etc. all of them are not covered nor registered under GamStop.

GamBlock, a leading alternative solution to GamForum, is a paid application that blocks out online gambling sites legal or otherwise by using software analysis to keep these sites in check. It is available for single and multiple licenses depending on the client’s requirements and needs.

Gambling Therapy, a similar model to GamCare provides a safe space and online 24×7 support helplines with support groups and support forums to help those who have faced gambling issues connect over their experiences.

Gambling Therapy also has an app that makes seeking help easier to access with support available 24×7 with professionals on board, with zero expenditure. This site also has an option for those confused about their affliction, they can take an online quiz to figure out if they have a gambling problem.


Online gaming and gambling can be a source of entertainment and means of earning money in real-time but with a risk involved. Forums like GamCare, Gambling Therapy provide a safe and non-judgemental place for people to discuss their gambling issues.

Whereas applications like GamBan and GamStop provide the necessary motivation required to take the tough step and curb a problem before it becomes chronic.

Although there are gambling brands like Harry’s, Red Lion that are not restricted under the GamStop scheme, there are alternative solutions available online to bring remedy and provide support to players suffering from gambling problems.

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