On the Other Side of Legality: Non GamStop Games

On the Other Side of Legality

Finding your way among the many online casinos is not an easy task, and the risk of ending up on offshore non Gamstop casinos is high. On this page, we will give you a hand, introducing you to all the non GamStop gambling sites that don’t hold the UKGC licence and understanding how to recognize and avoid them.

What Are Non GamStop Casinos?

What are we talking about when we talk about non GamStop casinos? Casinos that do not have the right to operate legally in our country, as they lack the indispensable gaming licence granted by UKGC to operators in possession of the required requirements.

How to Recognize Offshore Gambling Sites?

How to Recognize Offshore Gambling Sites

Recognizing a non GamStop casino? Simple! If a betting site has a domain other than “.uk”, a first alarm bell will sound; if it has lower payment limits than those offered by UK gambling sites, like PayPal and Klarna, this is the second clue. The crucial confirmation is the absence of the British Gambling Commission logo.

Pros & Cons of Non GamStop Casinos

In the next few paragraphs of our guide we will first disguise ourselves as law enforcement officers and then as psychologists. In fact, we are going to examine the possible motivations of those who choose the bookmakers present in the list of offshore betting sites, but first speak of the dangers one faces if one does so.

The Main Dangers

What dangers do you run when you bet with non GamStop casinos and bookmakers? We see them below. We don’t want to engage in psychological terrorism, but it is right to warn you: we face both possible legal sanctions linked to tax crimes and, perhaps even more frighteningly, the risk of losing money.

  • Tax evasion! Non GamStop casinos don’t pay taxes in our country, and that’s not nice! However, by using them, we, too, incur the crime of tax evasion, unless we declare the winnings as “miscellaneous income” on our tax return.
  • Your account at a non GamStop casino can fade away! Offshore betting sites can play a bad joke on you: in the event of winnings of large amounts (and the definition of “high” is naturally at their very personal discretion), they can decide overnight to close your account without giving you minimum notice and preventing you from making withdrawals, so as to “steal” from you, in fact, what is rightfully yours.
  • Less protection against the risk of pathological gambling! Pathological gambling is a constant danger to which one is subjected, even when using only UKGC-licensed casinos, of course. However, if you bet on offshore gambling sites, this risk increases because these sites do not offer the usual standards of protection required by law: no monthly deposit limits, therefore, no temporary or definitive self-exclusion, and no anti-gambling assistance.

The Major Benefits

The Major Benefits

But if betting on non GamStop sports betting sites is so risky, why do so many enthusiasts choose them anyway? There are psychological reasons related to the pleasure of the thrill, of course, but also more solid concrete reasons, which we will examine below and which are constituted, essentially, by the prospect of high winnings.

  • Very low minimum bets! The majority of the non GamStop casinos allow you to wager with €0.01 per spin/ hand. This is especially an advantage if we only play from time to time, just to have fun.
  • A much wider game selection. Non GamStop casinos offer a wide range of games. They are more than enough, in our opinion. The best non GamStop casinos go overboard and offer even ten more or enormously expand the number of tournaments available.
  • Payout processing time. At non GamStop casinos, winnings are paid immediately! A factor that is often decisive in the choice of offshore betting sites is linked to the immediacy of payouts, compared to UK casinos.

In essence, the best non GamStop casinos guarantee speed, high winning thresholds and the absence of snares. However, you should be aware of non GamStop casinos that offer bonuses too good to be true or bonuses that come with very high rollovers or unclear conditions: the lure can be strong, but the scam could be around the corner. Again, the final choice is completely yours!

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