How To Properly Protect Lone Workers Using Smartphones?

Lone Workers Using Smartphones

There are many factors that contribute to the safety of lone workers. Among them, there are companies that have developed apps for smartphones with features designed to make it easier for these employees to feel safe while on the job. Regarding lone worker devices, you should consider some key points. Read this article and learn more about protecting lone workers using smartphones.

The dangers of lone workers

The dangers of lone workers

Lone workers are employees who work without supervision. They can be found in many industries, such as security, construction, and transportation. The job may require them to go out of sight from managers or colleagues for a while because they have specific tasks that do not require the presence of others nearby.

How to protect lone workers using smartphones

How to protect lone workers using smartphones

One of the most important features that companies should look for when buying smartphone apps is a panic button. If something bad happens, employees can use it to call 911 or some other emergency number immediately. This feature allows lone workers to contact someone even if they are injured and cannot go anywhere at first.

Another advantage of having an app on their devices is GPS tracking ability. It enables managers to know exactly where these employees are in real-time so they can help them accordingly if anything goes wrong during work hours.

The same mechanism also works as a safety measure because people who may be potentially dangerous will not have any chance against this technology and therefore won't attempt anything harmful toward those working alone outdoors or inside buildings with no one around them all day long.

Tips for safety while working alone

Tips for safety while working alone

Companies should provide their lone workers with devices or apps that are not only useful for emergencies but also make them feel safe while on the job. This means they need to have access to certain features like alarms, timers, and others.

The dangers faced by these individuals include physical violence, robbery, and even death due to accidents on the job site or other dangerous situations when no one is around to help them if something goes wrong. In order to address this problem, companies should provide special devices or apps like Sheqsy designed for lone worker devices. It's important that these tools provide employees with a way to contact someone in case of danger.

For example, employees can use an app designed for security purposes in order to set up a timer before completing important tasks outside of buildings or inside structures away from direct supervision by managers.

If time runs out without someone coming around to help them complete those duties, then this is another signal that something may be wrong because there's no one nearby available who could give support if anything happens during work hours.

Finally, it's worth mentioning again how GPS tracking helps keep everyone safe because managers will know where these individuals are at all times. If they are alone, employees can use an app to send their location so managers will know something's wrong and help them immediately if needed.

You should consider some key points when looking for smartphone apps or other devices designed specifically for lone workers' safety. They must be able to provide panic buttons in case of emergencies as well as GPS tracking ability because it allows companies to ensure that everyone is safe at work without any chance of getting into dangerous situations where no one would hear them scream or call 911 if attacked by someone on the job site or inside buildings with no one around who could come quickly in such cases.

What you should never do when you're working alone at home or in the office 

Working alone at home

It's very important to follow all safety precautions when working alone.

Firstly, you should never try to complete any task that could be potentially dangerous if something goes wrong because it can lead to injuries or even death without anyone around who can help in case of an accident.

Secondly, it's not a good idea to drink alcohol while you're working on your own at home or in the office. You should also avoid doing any tasks that require concentration and will make it difficult for you to respond quickly if there is an accident such as using dangerous equipment like saws, drills, etc.

And thirdly, make sure all windows and doors are locked before starting work so nobody can get into your house without permission when no one else is around.

You need some Lone Worker Devices (LWD) which will help ensure the safety of workers who find themselves alone out of necessity: It may be necessary for people to work alone from time to time but this means they become lone workers.

Vulnerable individuals whose lives could be put in danger because they're isolated from their colleagues and working in difficult situations. For example, lone workers include security guards who patrol dark areas or taxi drivers that spend long hours on the road.

They may be exposed to violence, attacks by thieves and criminals; they could also face health issues due to stress; many people experience depression when they work alone for a long time.

Why it's important that your employer knows about your work-from-home status and what they can do to help keep you safe

Employer knows about your work-from-home

Far too many people end up suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of isolation, stress, or lack of control over their work. This can lead to poor performance which impacts the business bottom line; there's also the risk that it could even put an entire company out of business if workers don't feel safe enough to do their jobs properly.

Your employer needs to know you're working alone so they can help keep you safe:

  • Employers need to be aware when employees are working alone in order to support them and make sure nobody suffers because they feel ‘left out.
  • Lone worker devices (LWD) such as safety alarms and mobile phones will enable lone workers' managers/supervisors to gain regular contact with individual staff members throughout the day without compromising the worker's independence.

The dangers of lone workers are real and so is the danger to your company if you don't take care of them. Lone workers are a growing segment of the workforce and they're vulnerable to many dangers. We hope you're able to implement the right policies and procedures when it comes to protecting them.

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