Can you sell used shoes on StockX? [Quick Answer]

Can you sell used shoes on StockX?

StockX sells merchandise, and you can visit the e-commerce platform to get limited sneakers. One of the most frequently asked questions is if you can buy used shoes on StockX. Another frequently asked question is can you sell used shoes on StockX? Today you will get answers to this question and a couple of other related concerns regarding the sale and purchase of used shoes on StockX. Read on for the details…

StockX is one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling limited sneakers. It also sells designer bags, Pokémon cards, watches, and other items.

Buyers on StockX can learn more about the shoes they want (size, release date). They check the prices at which others are selling them. Sellers can use StockX to see if their products have sold.

Now, here is all you need to know. On StockX, users are only allowed to sell used brand new or deadstock sneaker shoes. Just in case you didn’t know, deadstock shoes are those you have only worn once or twice. So, yes you can sell used shoes on StockX. Only that the used shoes must have been worn no more than twice and must be in good shape.

Can anyone sell used shoes on StockX?

used shoes on StockX

Shoes can only sell on StockX if they are brand new or deadstock. Sneakers worn once or twice may also sell on StockX. According to their terms of sale, this is dead stock.

Sneakerheads used to the resale game may wonder if they can buy used shoes on StockX. We're not talking about filthy sneakers. StockX will not allow you to sell used shoes on its platform.

Selling used sneakers on this site for the first time attracts a 15% fee. You will also get a ban from StockX. As a result, you must be cautious about the terms of sale when adding shoes to the site and enjoy trading with StockX.

Clarity on whether you can sell shoes on StockX


StockX is for reselling sold-out items, such as “deadstock” or brand-new sneakers.

If you buy a pair of shoes on StockX, they will always be brand new. You may find shoes worn once. They must pass the platform's authentication test, which includes looking for signs of wear.

StockX does not sell used sneakers on purpose. A seller who puts used items on shelves attracts a fine of 15%.

So, the short answer to the question “Does StockX sell used shoes?” is “No.” However, being unable to sell used shoes on the StockX platform does not mean you will never find any.

What does StockX mean by deadstock sneakers?

What does StockX deadstock sneakers

Ambiguity surrounds the definition of “deadstock.” According to StockX, “deadstock” sneakers have never been worn and are 100% authentic.

The deadstock sneakers will come with a box, a box lid, and a label with information such as shoe size. More accessories, such as laces, could be in the box. StockX still does not accept factory seconds on their website, but they have a section for B-grades.

Some sneakers will pass sneaker inspection with no laces and a few manufacturing flaws. Some flaws are unavoidable, but they do not detract from the sneaker's appeal. If the deadstock sneaker is to sell on StockX, it should come in its original box.

Complaints about deadstock include discoloration, yellowing, and a lack of structural integrity.

Do you want to find used shoes on StockX?

find used shoes on StockX

Selling used sneakers on StockX is not allowed, as you risk a fine or ban. Fake sneakers can get through the authentication process. Although, based on the numbers, it is a remote possibility.

To identify a used sneaker, look for a variety of signs. Such are the yellow-out effects on all-white.

Used shoes have discoloration. Other signs may include the dreaded midsole cracks found on worn-in sneakers. You can also see if your sneakers stretch out more than usual. It shows the wearing of shoes by a person with larger feet.

How do you find non-real or fake shoe tags on StockX?

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Fakes are an issue on StockX. Officials claim to have 99% accuracy in detecting fakes or faulty goods. It is no secret that buyers have gotten fakes.

Aside from comparing the stitching on the shoes, you can use other methods to detect fakes. Originals have equidistant, thick, high-quality stitching.

Check the logos as well, as fakes often have discrepancies like:

The Tag's Positioning

Checking the positioning of the tag is one way to tell if the sneaker is authentic. StockX will apply it to the appropriate shoe. It can make the research process a lot easier.

Colors of the Tag

It is a factor because the tag's color is visible. An original is green, whereas a fake one is a different shade of green. Color differences are more noticeable than other factors; they create significant differences even in photographs.

Letter Tags

The letters on fake tags are small and of poor quality. Real tags have large, bold, white letters. The ones on StockX are much thinner than the counterfeit ones.

Receipt and Card

You will receive a thank-you card and a receipt with your StockX package. Both the genuine and the counterfeit are black.

The fake one is longer than the real one and has low-quality materials. The original is on thermal paper.

In Summary

If an item you bought on StockX is confirmed counterfeit, they will work with you to replace it or refund your money. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with the product after contacting their sales management team, you can return it for a full refund. StockX's 100% authenticity guarantee is our way of safeguarding the StockX community against forgeries and knockoffs.

Overall, StockX allows you to sell or buy both brandy and used shoes. And there are claims that counterfeit sneakers are also available on the platform. As such, you need to be very cautious when shopping for brand-new shoes and other products on the platform.

With that said, you are now better placed to make an informed choice regarding whether you can sell used shoes on StockX.

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