How Long Does StockX Take To Ship? (2024 Update)

StockX is committed to delivering your order as fast as possible. But how long does it take to ship items? Read on.

StockX is a very fast-growing marketplace for authentic clothes and sneakers. The company's head office is in Detroit, and it was started by Greg Schwartz, Dan Gilbert, and Josh Luber in 2015. With its high growth pace, the company has experienced tremendous success since its inception; currently, it employs over 800 staff.

On average, StockX will take 7 to 12 working days to deliver your items. The working days exclude holidays and weekends. While the delivery time may seem longer than other marketplaces, it's for a good reason. StockX takes time to authenticate each ordered item before it's shipped to the buyer. The verification process largely contributes to the long shipment period.

How Does StockX work?

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Even though StockX is a marketplace, it does not operate like other platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Once you buy an item from this marketplace, it will not be directly shipped to you (buyer). Rather, the seller sends the products to one of the StockX centers for verification. At the centers, items are tested for authenticity, condition, and packaging.

Since the products have a tracker, the tracker will update the status and display Received at StockX for Authentication at the verification center. The verification process may take two days, depending on the nature of the product.

Once the item passes the quality checks, StockX will ship it to the intended customers.

Any item bought through StockX has to go through numerous steps. First, it has to be shipped from the seller to StockX for verification. After authentication, it's shipped to the customer, thus taking longer for the items to get to the customer.

However, the long waiting period is worth it; you are guaranteed that the StockX marketplace only deals with authentic items.

With only authentic products being sold on this marketplace, StockX has maintained the top position of an online marketplace where genuine buyers and sellers virtually meet to trade.

Note:  StockX does not accept returns, nor does it offer exchanges. And rarely will they accept cancellation on orders.

How does StockX verify the authenticity of items?

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All products traded at the StockX marketplace undergo a thorough screening to ensure buyers get 100% genuine items. Here is how the company verifies all products on its platform;

  • StockX will only allow brand-new items on the marketplace. Any item that has been worn will not pass the verification test.
  • The condition of the item is thoroughly scrutinized. The tests include checking the material construction of the items. And because StockX knows counterfeit products are also being streamlined, the company utilizes machine learning to help their verifiers to catch every minor detail. Thus, the process ensures that there is a 99.95% accuracy rate.
  • The state of the shipping container is also analyzed. If the packaging material does not meet the standard prescribed by StockX, the item will not be shipped.
  • The authenticator has to ensure that each product the seller Ship to the verification centers has all the required accessories.

The strict verification process ensures no room for returns, exchanges, and order cancellation by the buyer.

Pros and Cons of StockX

STOCKX pros cons

  • The purchased goods have been certified.
  • The ability to buy and sell smarter than ever before
  • Provide quality service every time

  • The shoes are overpriced, and it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your order, especially if you are in the UK.
  • The platform does not offer refunds or exchanges for items already delivered to the buyer. Instead, the platform only rebuys the products from you at a lower price than your buying price.
  • Some customers complain of receiving empty boxes. Besides, there needs to be a customer support number to address your issues in real-time.

Can StockX cancel the order?

cancel the order

StockX will not cancel your bid or order once you place it. Similarly, when a seller accepts your order or offer, you will not be able to cancel it.

This feature makes the platform reliable, effective and authentic, especially for sellers. When the marketplace is reliable and trusted by sellers, more vendors will join the platform, which means there will be more items on StockX suitable for the buyers.

Does StockX support returns?


StockX works as a live market; thus, it cannot accept returns. Even so, should anything bad happen during your ordering or shipment, there are other options for resolving the matter besides returns.

If you have received an item that does not meet your expectations, you can always resell it on the same marketplace. And since this item has already been standardized, the product's value is established. But take note, do not tear away the StockX tag. This mark of quality must be maintained when reselling the item on the StockX marketplace.

What payments does StockX accept?


StockX offers different payment options and plans. For the payment options, you can use the following popular credit cards:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • UnionPay

This marketplace accepts other forms of payment such as, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Alipay, Venmo, Sofort, and iDEAL.

StockX allows installment payments payable in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months on payment plans. StockX offers the installment payment method in partnership with Affirm.

However, the payment plan is only open for some shoppers on the platform. There are terms and conditions to be met before you qualify for either of the plans.


Q: How much freight does the seller have to pay?

The cost of shipping your items varies depending on several factors, including the weight and bulkiness of your items. Ideally, the total shipping cost will be subtracted from your total payout.

Q: Does StockX provide coupon codes?

Yes, StockX extends different discount codes for specific products on their marketplace. With the coupon code, you can enjoy discounts on streetwear and accessories. Check out for new and exclusive deals on accessories ad streetwear.


StockX is a reputable marketplace where buyers are guaranteed an authentic brand name. But due to the long verification processes at StockX, the delivery of your shipment may take 7-12 days to deliver your ordered items.

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