How Long Does Stockx Take to Authenticate? (2023 Guide)

How Long Does Stockx Take to Authenticate

If you want to resell sneakers on StockX, the platform must authenticate your product first. How long will it take?

StockX offers one of the unique ways to authenticate brand-name when shopping online. You can always ensure that any item you buy or sell through this marketplace is authentic and not counterfeit.

On average, staff at Stockx work about 8 hours a day. Thus the company might take 7-12 days to start and complete your order. However, the delivery can be sooner than 7 days, depending on your location. But take note the company does not count federal holidays and weekends as business days.

How long does stockx take to authenticate

stockx take to authenticate

Once your item arrives at the Stockx authentication center, it will take 1-2 days to inspect and verify. But the verification days may increase if Stockx believes the product requires further scrutiny.

Can I Speed up the Verification by Providing a Receipt?

Can I Speed up the Verification by Providing a Receipt

No, StockX will not accept your receipt to expedite the verification process. During the verification process, StockX staff have to inspect the condition of the product, its container, and the accessories it comes with.

To improve your odds of having your products authenticated quickly:

  • When submitting your products for verification, ensure to fill in all the required information accurately.
  • Attach clear and detailed pictures of the items you are submitting for authentication.

What is the StockX Tag?

What is the StockX Tag

The StockX tag is a mark of authenticity. This actual tag is hooked to authentic items after passing the inspection test. With the label attached, customers can always tell when they are buying a product that StockX has authenticated. Be wary of items that don't bear the StockX tag.

Besides being a sign of the item's originality, it also signifies that StockX is serious with its verification process. Similarly, it would help if you looked for fake StockX tags in the market. With many retailers joining the StockX marketplace, it's not surprising that you might find counterfeit products bearing a bogus StockX tag.

How to identify fake StockX tag

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The biggest challenge for consumers is that there are so many fake tags out there. The bad guys make them look so real, and you don't realize that they're not real until you get the package. Here are a few tips to help you identify a fake tag:

  • The font on the tag: The font on the fake StockX tag's front side differs from that of the genuine StockX tag. The counterfeit tags bear chipped inscriptions on the label.
  • Position of the tag: For sneakers, check out the positioning of the StockX tag. The tag should be on the left sneaker.
  • Hologram: If the hologram is present, keenly observe it. You will find it's of poor quality and, in some cases, missing. Additionally, check out the grass-green shade on the tag/coin.
  • Mismatch of the serial number: A fake StockX tag is likely to have the wrong mismatch compared to the one in the product.

Avoid buying the item if you come across any red lights above!

Is StockX Legit?

Is StockX Legit

StockX is a legitimate company, and they have obtained the proper licenses and permits to operate. The tight authentication policy and robust verification processes make the marketplace legit for every seller and Buyer.

The verifiers will; also ensure that whatever you order is what is shipped, the correct size, and in good condition. Therefore, you can shop on the StockX marketplace without fear of being scammed.

StockX's return policy

StockX's return policy

Stockx doe snot accept returns or offer exchanges of any product bought from the platform. However, every purchase on this marketplace is barked by StockX Buyer's promise.

With the Buyer promise, StockX offers to support its clients should a mistake occur during shipping or verification of the items. If there is an issue with your received order, the Buyer promise policy requires you to launch a case within three days of receiving the item. To be eligible for the Buyer promise:

  • The product must be unworn.
  • Be in the condition it was delivered in
  • The StockX tag must still be attached to the item

If your order does not qualify for a return or the Buyer's promise, StockX encourages you to resell the item on the platform. Issues that are not supported for return or Buyer promise policy include:

  • Incorrect size: If you ordered the wrong product, StockX will not accept returns or offer exchanges.
  • Items whose release date is over 5 years and have signs of ageing: Items that are more than 5 years old after the release date and bear some structural decomposition marks are not returnable nor exchanged on Stockx.

What happens if your item fails to pass the verification?

item fails to pass the verification

If your product fails to meet the verification criteria, it will be sent back to you, so you won't be able to put it on sale on StockX.

However, if you feel your product was incorrectly assessed, you can appeal by contacting the StockX customer support team. They can resubmit your product for re-authentication.


Q: What if my items are lost or damaged when sold on StockX?

Contact StockX, and the investigations team will start investigating the delivery career. Thus, all sellers must obtain and maintain a drop-off receipt until the order is complete.

Q: What are the requirements of the verification process for sellers?

The requirements for verification will differ depending on the type of product. But ideally, Stockx officials will look at the item's condition, packaging container, and whether it contains all the accessories.

Q: I'm a new seller, and my account has been frozen-what happened?

If your pending sales exceed the site's limit. They will reinstate the account once the pending sales have been cleared.


StockX is one of the few marketplaces where the authenticity of items is guaranteed. Check out for a genuine StockX tag to ensure the authenticity of the product you're buying from this marketplace.

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