Review: Is stadium Goods Legit? (Fake or Real)

Looking for a trustworthy e-commerce platform for sports shoes is challenging because there is no way of getting your money back after making a purchase. Is stadium goods legit? This post attempts to answer everything about shopping online using the stadium goods platform.

About stadium goods

stadium goods

Stadium Good is a platform with a mission to provide customers with the best sneakers and streetwear in the market. The fashion statement that stadium goods intend to portray is the opportunity to get footwear that best describes who you are, where you have been, and where you want to go. Stadium Goods specializes in aftermarket streetwear that is no longer in the market or hard to find. The company gets premium aftermarket items from trusted sellers and retailers.

How does the stadium goods platform work?

How does the stadium goods platform work

Stadium Goods is a consignment shop, which means that individuals bring their product supply and let us sell it on their behalf. Every item on stadium goods has been appraised and verified by trained professionals to ensure it is in good condition. Consignors can track their inventory, change prices, and request payment when their goods sell through the stadium commodity sales portal.

Is stadium goods Legit?

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Are you looking for a place to sell your sneakers at the best price in the market? Or are you looking for a legitimate online store to buy authentic and genuine sneakers without fear of being ripped off? Stadium Goods is the perfect place to get authentic sneakers and streetwear. You can also use the platform to sell premium aftermarket sneakers and streetwear. Stadium Goods is a legitimate platform that started operations in 2015 and prides itself on building a credible e-commerce platform for trading footwear. The Stadium Goods Company has offices in New York and Chicago.

Pros and Cons of stadium goods

Pros and Cons of stadium goods

Below are the Pros of using the Stadium Goods platform in trading sneakers and streetwear.

  • Stadium Goods is a trusted online platform if you want to purchase authentic items because the products are inspected and verified before shipping.
  • The Stadium Goods e-commerce platform is available as an android and iOS application for ease of use.
  • Stadium Goods has an extensive international user base and supports over 100 regions.
  • The Stadium Goods Company has a generous return policy because you can return items within three (3) days after delivery.
  • You can get the contact information of the person you are dealing with on Stadium Goods to help promote transparency between parties.
  • Stadium Goods allows its sellers to highlight the best in stores to help buyers narrow their search.
  • The mobile application and web-based versions of Stadium Goods are easy to use because of their friendly user interfaces.
  • Stadium Goods has affiliate programs to expand its network and coverage.
  • Stadium Goods has good customer service because they respond to customers’ complaints and queries.

Below are some Cons when using the Stadium Goods platform. 

  • Stadium Goods does not have a notification feature for when items arrive.
  • The buyers of Stadium Goods bear the burden of footing the shipping charges.
  • Stadium Goods have high return fees to deter customers from returning items.
  • Customer service at Stadium Goods can sometimes be annoying because of slow responses or neglect.

How long does it take to deliver stadium goods?

How long does it take to deliver stadium goods

The processing and verification time on Stadium Goods before delivery is 1 to 3 working days. The delivery time also depends on the shipping method used by Stadium Goods. The company uses UPS to deliver goods within the United States or DHL to addresses outside the United States. It is important to note that Stadium Goods does not use P.O. Box addresses to deliver items.

Can stadium goods cancel the order?

Stadium Goods commences the fulfillment process once they receive your order and does not allow for cancellation during the fulfillment process. The confirmed orders are all subject to the Stadium Goods return policies. However, Stadium Goods reserves the right to cancel an order or items within an order if the product is unavailable or out of stock. Stadium Goods will issue a refund using your payment method and notify you of the same via your email address.

Modes of payments supported by Stadium Goods

Modes of payments

Stadium Goods accepts payment using all popular modes of payment to accommodate a wider clientele. You can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Union Pay, JCB, Diners Club, Discovers, Maestro, PayPal, Alipay, Sofort, iDEAL, Apple Pay, Klarna, or TripleA to pay for your items on Stadium Goods.

Stadium Goods Order tracking

stadium goods cancel the order

Stadium Goods take 1-3 business days to process your order, after which they begin the shipping. You will receive an email with the relevant shipping details once your order ships from Stadium Goods. You can track your order by visiting the tracking webpage: Fill in the Order Number and email address (refer to your shipping email notification) on the Stadium Goods tracking page before clicking on the Continue button to track your order.

How long does it take to deliver stadium goods?

Stadium Goods takes 1-3 business days to process your order before shipping it to you. The exact shipping time frame depends on your location and how fast UPS or DHL delivers your product.

Stadium Goods Return Policy

stadium goods return policy

Stadium Goods has a return policy that requires you to submit a Return Request within three (3) days of receiving your product, and you must ship the product back within seven (7) days. Your item will be sent back to you if you fail to comply with the Stadium Goods return policy window.


Q. Does the Stadium Goods platform have a gift card?

Unfortunately, Stadium Goods does not issue gift cards currently, but you can visit the Stadium Goods Gift section to check for seasonal gifts.

Q. How to use the coupon code?

You can redeem a Stadium Goods coupon at the checkout page. Navigate to the checkout page on your Stadium Goods account before looking at the right side of your cart. Locate the PROMO CODE box at the bottom of your cart before copying the coupon code in the input box. Your coupon discount will apply automatically to your checkout amount.


The Stadium Goods shopping experience can be challenging if you are new, but it gets easier the more you use the platform. Enjoy the best deals on authentic aftermarket sneakers and streetwear by visiting the Stadium Goods webpage.

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