Digital Signage Software for Smart TVs: Beginners Guide

Digital Signage Software for Smart TVs

You can buy digital signs that are built simply to be digital signs. They are typically very light, some are built to go outside, some are built to be odd shapes and work indoors.

Others work with a touch screen and can take payments. However, you can turn any TV, laptop, PC or tablet into a digital sign if you wish. If you are looking to turn your Smart TV into a digital sign, then here are a few things you should know.

You Need Digital Sign Software

You Need Digital Sign Software

If you wanted to turn your Smart TV into a bitcoin miner, you would need the correct software. The same is true if you want to turn your Smart TV into a digital sign. You can go the very low-tech route and simply have your TV run a movie file on repeat. Perhaps a file you stored on your Smart TV or that is mounted on a flash drive.

Or, you can go the technical route and have digital sign software that allows you to manage, schedule, alter and live feed your content. Having the right software helps keep your digital sign as flexible as possible by giving you more tools, functions and features. There are varieties of Apple TV signage that work well with other Apple apps and systems.

You can go the Microsoft Windows route, or the Android route, or you can mix all three. For example, you could create and manage your content on your Windows PC, run your Smart TV on the Apple iOS, and send live updates through your Android Smartphone if you wish. How you set up your signs is up to you.

Do You Need a Streaming Device?

It all depends on your setup; if you are looking for more than one digital sign, then perhaps a streaming device is desirable. If you have a smart TV that allows you to download programs like KitCast and then connect to the Internet, then you may not need a streaming device.

If you have a Smart TV that only allows you to download apps from a certain store, then a streaming device may be needed.

Why Do I Need a PC?

You don't need a PC in order to work your digital signs, but some people find it preferable. For example, if you are running a call center and you have a number of digital signs dotted around the building. Some have promotional content, some have staff-only information, and others have live updated KPIs and metrics.

If this is your setup, it is far easier to manage from a PC. You can create your promotional content and stream it. You can churn out staff messages for your boards and have them appear in real time. And, you can link some of your digital signs to live online information and have it appear on your digital signs.

Again, you do not need a PC in order to do all of this, but it is certainly easier if you have a PC as your central hub.

Who Creates Content?

Who Creates Content

You do not have to create content if you do not want. This is not like the Internet where you have to worry about copyright. For example, if you are selling a certain brand of bicycles, you can use that brand’s online adverts in your store You can even edit them to add in your own logos and prices if you wish.

On the other hand, you can create your own content and have it run or have it scheduled on your digital signs. Many small companies use their online adverts on their digital signs. Some companies recycle the content they made for social media.

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