What is VulkanRT & Is It a Virus? [Check Version]


Have you recently found VulkanRT on your computer and wondered what it is and whether you should keep it or not? Many users encounter this software, often in their Program Files or on their apps list in Windows 10. It is natural to feel concerned when you see unfamiliar programs on your system. In this article, we will explain what VulkanRT is and help you decide whether it is something you need or if it is safe to remove.

What is VulkanRT?

What is VulkanRT

VulkanRT, also known as Vulkan Runtime Libraries, is a software application developed in 2014 by the Khronos Group. It serves as a low-overhead cross-platform graphics API, designed to enhance 3D rendering in applications, particularly games. This API provides more direct control over the Graphics Processing Unit, reducing CPU usage and distributing workload across CPU cores more efficiently.

It acts as a bridge between graphics-using programs and hardware drivers, offering better performance and resource utilization compared to traditional APIs like DirectX. VulkanRT originated from AMD's Mantle API, which was donated to Khronos to create a standardized low-level API.

Supported by various organizations including Valve, VulkanRT aims to improve 3D application performance while balancing CPU and GPU usage. It is often referred to as the next generation of APIs but is not a complete replacement. With support for multiple operating systems and third-party backing for macOS and iOS, VulkanRT is widely used in the gaming and interactive media industries for its efficiency and performance benefits.

Is it a Virus?

Is it a Virus

Wondering whether VulkanRT is a virus? Let's break it down for you. VulkanRT is a completely safe and reliable program often bundled with NVIDIA and AMD graphics drivers. Despite some internet claims, it is not fake, spammy, or malicious. Its purpose is to enhance PC performance by reducing CPU load.

While some users may mistake it for malware, it is not harmful and won't affect your computer negatively. In fact, it is beneficial for your PC and gaming experience. So, rest assured, VulkanRT is not a virus, malware, or spyware. You can trust it and continue using your PC worry-free.

Should I delete VulkanRT?

Since VulkanRT is not a virus, there is no need to delete it. It typically comes bundled with games or driver updates and is essential for various applications, especially gaming. Despite antivirus warnings, it is harmless and should be kept on your computer for optimal performance, as suggested by experts.

Removing it could affect the quality of graphics in games and other applications that rely on it. While it may not be necessary for non-gaming purposes, if you are a gamer, keeping VulkanRT installed ensures smoother gameplay and better graphics quality. So, unless you have specific reasons not to, it is advisable to keep VulkanRT on your PC.

How to install VulkanRT?

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Perhaps you uninstalled your VulkanRT and you need to get it back, but you are unsure how to reinstall it, do not worry. If you have recently updated your NVIDIA or AMD graphics drivers or installed a new GPU, VulkanRT likely came bundled with those updates. Similarly, downloading a new game may have also included VulkanRT. Reinstalling it is not straightforward since it is not available as a standalone program. Instead, you will need to reinstall the specific games or graphics drivers that originally installed VulkanRT.

In some cases, installing certain applications will automatically reinstall VulkanRT for you. Alternatively, you can update your graphics drivers from the manufacturer's website or install the VulkanRT SDK directly.

How can I check the version of Vulkan on my computer?

Now that you have seen the importance of VulkanRT for your gaming experience, you might want to check its version on your computer. To check the version of Vulkan on your computer:

Step 1: Press the Windows key + X to open the Windows settings.

Step 2: Navigate to “Apps and Features” within the settings window.

Apps and Features within the settings window

Step 3: Use the search bar to find “Vulkan Runtime Libraries.”

Step 4: Click on Vulkan Runtime Libraries to view its details, including the version installed on your computer.


With all the above information, VulkanRT should not scare you away since you have seen its usefulness. This vital gaming API library, created by the reliable Khronos Group, is essential for certain 3D games to run properly. It is not a virus, malicious file, or spam software. Instead, it helps your CPU relax and boosts GPU performance, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. Found mostly on PCs with AMD or Nvidia GPUs, VulkanRT enhances graphics and overall gaming performance. There is no need to uninstall this tool since it is a beneficial addition to your system, enhancing your gaming and interactive media experiences.

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