What is My IP

what is my IP?

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Your Internet Provider is tracking your internet activity!  Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN! We strongly recommend using ExpressVPN to browse the Internet anonymously.

An IP address is exactly like your physical address – they're a vital part of the internet.  They're used to make sure that data reaches where it's meant to go. Without them, the internet simply wouldn't be possible.

Your IP address holds a lot of information about you.  It can pinpoint you to a specific country, region, and city. It can pinpoint you to a certain service provider.  It can be used to aggregate information about what you do on the internet, bringing together data gathered over days or weeks.

In addition, an IP and MAC address (the hardware serial number of a computer) can be used with tools such as Wireshark to intercept data.  This includes VOIP, emails, passwords, and chat. IP Addresses are used to pinpoint your identity.

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Why is It Important to Hide Your IP Address?

IP addresses are commonly used by web analytics companies, advertisers targeting ads, surveillance agencies, to pinpoint illegal activity and hackers, to pinpoint targets. It's therefore now considered by many to be unwise to reveal your IP address while surfing at home, and close to reckless to do so on a public network.

Recent revelations by The Guardian and New York Times newspapers have provided proof that:

  • GCHQ (UK Intelligence) captured images from 1.8m webcams in a 6 month period alone, during Operation Optic Nerve.
  • The NSA owns and operates a 1 million sq foot data center in Utah holding multiple exabytes of intercepted internet communications.

The essential piece of data that's needed to track this information back to you as an individual is an IP address.  IP Addresses can easily be used to give detailed location information (down to city block level), and can link activities through time. Using a VPN allows you to both hide your IP address and hide the data you exchange with the internet.

How to Hide Your IP?

There are 3 way widely used to change your IP address online,

  • Use a proxy – Proxy is an obsolete technology for anonymous surfing, we've talked about “How to use proxy” before if you're interested in proxy for that.
  • Use Tor Network – Tor is secure browser works on Tor Network, but it's really slow to use.
  • Use VPN – Let's discuss why and how to use VPN to hide your real IP address.

Use VPN to Nask Your IP Address

Most commonly, a VPN service is used to provide anonymity.  A VPN is a server or network of servers that allows users to redirect all of their internet traffic through their connection.  The open web therefore only sees the traffic coming from the VPN server, and cannot trace it back to the user.

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts all communication data while it's still on the originating computer, and decrypts it once it gets to the destination.  Practically speaking this means that all traffic is protected.

VPN's are sometimes referred to as ‘tunnels', because they provide a route to the destination that's hidden from the world. VPNs are highly effective at protecting user data on the open internet.  Even if intercepted, the data is encrypted and so cannot be used against the user.

There are so many companies out there who are offering VPN services with many features but not all of them comes up with the option to use the internet without any restriction. For example, some VPN companies set a restriction on your data usage while others do not allow you to download torrent, etc. So, it could be difficult to decide which VPN company is best to choose from.

ExpressVPN is currently leading due to its high-quality VPN features and they also ensure your online security and protection of your online privacy. Choosing ExpresssVPN is a wise idea because of their features over online security and affordable price.

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(Updated On: Jan 1, 2021)

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