What Is Unsecapp.exe Windows process And Is It Safe?


Windows users sooner or later realize that the operating system depends on a string of utility programs and services to run smoothly. The Unsecapp.exe utility program is one of the utility programs that your PC depends on to run smoothly. What is Unsecapp.exe? Is it a virus?

The Windows operating system contains numerous utility programs and script files that provide essential services for running your computer. The Unsecapp.exe utility program is one of the DLL scripts that avails services to your PC and improves the Windows User Interface (UI).

The Unsecapp.exe utility program can be mistaken for a virus if it is the first time seeing it on your PC. The article below highlights everything you need to know about the Unsecapp.exe utility program. You can get answers to questions like what is Unsecapp.exe? Is it a virus?

What is the Unsecapp.exe?

Windows Management

The Unsecapp.exe is an executable utility file program that sinks to receive asynchronous callbacks for the WMI clients. The Unsecapp.exe utility program is associated and depends on the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) feature to function. The Windows Management Instrumentation features enable other programs to use Windows shared resources like the Taskbar.

Third-party programs like Antivirus programs require to display information such as potential virus risk in the notification area of the Taskbar. The Unsecapp.exe utility program thus links your OS and the third-party program to display information on your Taskbar. The program synchronizes and coordinates the activity between your third-part program and the sharable resources on your Windows OS.

The Unsecapp.exe program also obtains information on the behavior of your local machine OS and network through the issuing queries in WQL. The WQL adapts from SQL to provide WMI assistance to third-party programs seeking remote support via a network.

Is Unsecapp.exe safe, or is it a virus?

Unsecapp.exe virus information

The Unsecapp.exe is a safe utility program from the Microsoft Corporation. The utility program is part of the core utility programs that ensure your Windows operating system runs smoothly. The file path for Unsecapp.exe is [C:\Windows\System32\wbem]

You should treat any other program with a similar name outside the designated file path as malware or virus. Unethical programmers use the utility program to gain backdoor access to your OS and bypass virus/malware scans.


How to determine if Unsecapp.exe is genuine or a virus

1. Verify the location of Unsecapp.exe using the Task Manager

You can use the process below to check the location of the Unsecapp.exe utility program using the Task Manager.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start icon at the bottom left of the Taskbar before clicking on the Task Manager option.

Verify the location

Step 2: Click on the Details tab before locating the Unsecapp.exe utility program and right-clicking on it.

Details tab

Step 3: Click on the Open file location option and wait for Windows to reveal the file path. Check and confirm the file path for the Unsecapp.exe program is [C:\Windows\System32\wbem].

Open file location

2. Check the Copyrights of the Unsecapp.exe utility program 

Step 1: Right-click on the Start icon before clicking on the Task Manager option to launch the Task Manager console on your PC. The next step is to click on the Details tab to locate the Unsecapp.exe utility program.

Step 2:  Right-click on the Unsecapp app and click on the Properties option. Click on the Details tab of the Properties window and ensure the Copyright for the Unsecapp app belongs to the Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Corporation

Common causes for the Unsecapp.exe error on your PC

Below are the common causes for the Unsecapp.exe error message on your computer.

1. Incomplete installation

The Unsecapp.exe error could result from the incomplete installation of your OS or third-party programs on your PC. You need to have all the relevant DLL files on your drive to use the Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for the WMI clients feature on Windows OS.

Incomplete installation

2. Incomplete erasure of DLL files on your PC

The Unsecapp.exe error message could result from conflicting DLL files when obtaining information on the behavior of your local machine OS and network through the issuing queries” in WQL. You can use comprehensive methods when uninstalling programs on your PC to prevent DLL issues.

DLL issues

3. Deleting corrupt programs 

Deleting corrupt programs could alter the Unsecapp.exe, thus causing you to experience the Unsecapp.exe error.

Deleting corrupt programs

 4. Virus or malware attacks 

Malware, virus, and Trojan attacks could appropriate the Unsecapp.exe file name and disguise itself as a legitimate Windows program. Such attacks could result in you experiencing the Unsecapp.exe error.

Virus or malware attacks

5. Abrupt shutdown of your OS

An abrupt shutdown of your OS could cause you to get the Unsecapp.exe error. An abrupt shutdown of computers could happen because of power failure, software crashes, or hardware failure.

Abrupt shutdown

3 Solutions for the Unsecapp.exe error 

1. Resetting your PC to an earlier Restore Point

You can reset your PC to an earlier restore point to fix issues with the Unsecap.exe utility program. You can click on the Search bar at the bottom of your screen and type Restore Point to start restoring your PC to an earlier point. Ensure you have Backed up a copy of the restore point on your PC and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

earlier Restore Point

2. Using the WMI Diagnosis Utility tool 

You can download the WMI Diagnosis Utility tool to diagnose and fix problems related to the WMI utility program on your computer. Using the WMI Diagnosis utility tool is easy. You can use the on-screen instructions to complete the WMI repair process.

WMI repair process

3. Running the DISM Command to fix the Unsecxapp.exe error

Use the steps below to execute the DISM command and fix the Unsecapp.exe error on your PC.

Step 1: Launch the CMD terminal with administrator privileges before typing the DISM Commands.

Step 2: Type [DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth] Command before hitting the Enter key.

Step 3: Wait for the Command to execute and check the Health of your OS.

Health of your OS


Q. Is Unsecapp.exe safe or a virus?

The Unsecapp.exe program is a safe program from the Microsoft Corporation to support WMI operations on your PC.

Q. Does Unsecapp.exe utilize high CPU resources?

Unsecapp.exe uses few CPU resources and should not cause your OS to lag or crash. However, a corrupt version of the Unsecapp.exe program can cause high usage of CPU resources.

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