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PCSOFT is a mailing list devoted to people interested in finding solutions for the software used on personal computers in the PC format. PCSOFT is strictly a software list. The discussion of hardware on the mailing list is taboo, except for as it relates to configuring software requiring specialty hardware.

PCSOFT was started over five years ago as a sister mailing list to PCBUILD, (founded in 1991.  PCSOFT is devoted to the topic of  software for PC computers.   

In that time, PCSOFT mailing list has grown to nearly 2,100 subscribers and it is read on 13 mirror sites with a readership of nearly 14,000 people.   PCSOFT  is currently read on six continents and in over 57 countries.

PCSOFT mailing list is a fully moderated mailing list. Each message sent to the list is first routed to a Moderator, (visit our Staff web site to meet the Moderators). The moderator will read the message and either approve it for posting or notify the sender how to modify the message so it will be approved.

What to expect as a PCSOFT Subscriber
Number of emails a day range from 5 to 100. PCSOFT currently has more than 2,000 subscribers. PCSOFT is also peered by numerous educational institutions.   Posts to PCSOFT are read by thousands of people. Nearly every question will receive at least one answer. You will not be answered in a nasty or ridiculing manner.

PCSOFT will always remain friendly and On Topic. Your email address will not be given or sold to anyone. There is never any fee or costs for joining and participating in PCSOFT.

Be sure to read the Welcome Statement sent to you when you subscribed. This will also insure that when you take the time to post that it will be posted to PCSOFT. This statement/rules of posting is also available here on the web site at: RULES







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Top 10 Internet Downloads 

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition Free
Spybot Search & Destroy
Pop-Up Stopper Free
Quake III: Arena
WinRAR v3.90
Windows Movie Maker
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Motherboard Monitor
Windows XP SP2 & SP3

Special reviews and download files
Hold No Punches...  by Rode
by Mark Rode

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PCSOFT Mailing List

Simply stated, the PCSOFT topic
is about all facets of personal
computer application software. 
Operating systems are On Topic.  

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