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   Partial List Of XP Start - Run Commands


These are GUI applications that can be opened from the run line. These applications are not located in the C:\windows\system32\  directory, the keys for these applications are located in the registry under:

HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app paths

bullet CONF.EXE - NetMeeting
bullet DIALER.EXE - Phone Dialer
bullet HELPCTR.EXE - Help and Support
bullet HYPERTRM.EXE - HyperTerminal
bullet ICWCONN1.EXE - Internet Connection Wizard
bullet IEXPLORE.EXE - Internet Explorer
bullet INETWIZ.EXE - Setup Your Internet Connection
bullet INSTALL.EXE - User's Folder
bullet MIGWIZ.EXE - File and Settings Transfer Wizard
bullet MSCONFIG.EXE - System Configuration Utility
bullet MSIMN.EXE - Outlook Express
bullet MSINFO32.EXE - System Information
bullet MSMSGS.EXE - Windows Messenger
bullet MSN6.EXE - MSN Explorer
bullet PBRUSH.EXE - Paint
bullet WAB.EXE - Windows Address Book
bullet WABMIG.EXE - Address Book Import Tool
bullet WINNT32.EXE - User's Folder

These .EXE files reside in (c:\windows\system32\) or(c:\windows\) directory.

bullet ACCWIZ.EXE - Accessibility Wizard
bullet CHARMAP.EXE - Character Map
bullet CLEANMGR.EXE - Disk Space Cleanup Manager
bullet CLICONFG.EXE - SQL Client Configuration Utility
bullet CLSPACK.EXE - Class Package Export Tool
bullet CMSTP.EXE - Connection Manager Profile Installer
bullet CONTROL.EXE - Control Panel
bullet DCOMCNFG.EXE - Component Services
bullet DDESHARE.EXE - DDE Share
bullet DRWATSON.EXE - Doctor Watson v1.00b
bullet DRWTSN32.EXE - Doctor Watson Settings
bullet DXDIAG.EXE - DirectX Diagnostics
bullet EUDCEDIT.EXE - Private Character Editor
bullet EVENTVWR.EXE - Event Viewer
bullet EXPLORER.EXE - Windows Explorer
bullet FXSCLNT.EXE - Fax Console
bullet FXSCOVER.EXE - Fax Cover Page Editor
bullet FXSEND.EXE - MS Fax Send Note Utility
bullet LOGOFF.EXE - System Logoff
bullet MAGNIFY.EXE - Microsoft Magnifier
bullet MMC.EXE - Microsoft Management Console
bullet MOBSYNC.EXE - Microsoft Synchronization Manager
bullet MPLAY32.EXE - Windows Media Player version 5.1
bullet MSTSC.EXE - Remote Desktop Connection
bullet NARRATOR.EXE - Microsoft Narrator
bullet NETSETUP.EXE - Network Setup Wizard
bullet NSLOOKUP.EXE - NSLookup Application
bullet NTSD.EXE - Symbolic Debugger for Windows 2000
bullet ODBCAD32.EXE - ODBC Data Source Administrator
bullet OSUNINST.EXE - Windows Uninstall Utility
bullet PACKAGER.EXE - Object Packager
bullet PERFMON.EXE - Performance Monitor
bullet PROGMAN.EXE - Program Manager
bullet RASPHONE.EXE - Remote Access Phonebook
bullet REGEDIT.EXE - Registry Editor
bullet REGEDT32.EXE - Registry Editor
bullet RESET.EXE - Resets Session
bullet RSTRUI.EXE - System Restore
bullet RTCSHARE.EXE - RTC Application Sharing
bullet SFC.EXE - System File Checker
bullet SHRPUBW.EXE - Create Shared Folder
bullet SHUTDOWN.EXE - System Shutdown
bullet SIGVERIF.EXE - File Signature Verification
bullet SNDREC32.EXE - Sound Recorder
bullet SNDVOL32.EXE - Sound Volume
bullet SYNCAPP.EXE - Create A Briefcase
bullet SYSEDIT.EXE - System Configuration Editor
bullet SYSKEY.EXE - SAM Lock Tool
bullet TASKMGR.EXE - Task Manager
bullet TELNET.EXE - MS Telnet Client
bullet TSSHUTDN.EXE - System Shutdown
bullet TOURSTART.EXE - Windows Tour Launcher
bullet UTILMAN.EXE - System Utility Manager
bullet USERINIT.EXE - My Documents
bullet VERIFIER.EXE - Driver Verifier Manager
bullet WIAACMGR.EXE - Scanner and Camera Wizard
bullet WINCHAT.EXE - Windows for Workgroups Chat
bullet WINHELP.EXE - Windows Help Engine
bullet WINHLP32.EXE - Help
bullet WINVER.EXE - Windows Version Information
bullet WSCRIPT.EXE - Windows Script Host Settings
bullet WUPDMGR.EXE - Windows Update

The following are Control Panel applets that can be run from the run line. They are located in the c:\windows\system32 directory, and have the file type extension ".CPL".

bullet ACCESS.CPL - Accessibility Options
bullet APPWIZ.CPL - Add or Remove Programs
bullet DESK.CPL - Display Properties
bullet HDWWIZ.CPL - Add Hardware Wizard
bullet INETCPL.CPL - Internet Explorer Properties
bullet INTL.CPL - Regional and Language Options
bullet JOY.CPL - Game Controllers
bullet MAIN.CPL - Mouse Properties
bullet MMSYS.CPL - Sounds and Audio Device Properties
bullet NCPA.CPL - Network Connection
bullet NUSRMGR.CPL - User Accounts
bullet ODBCCP32.CPL - ODBC Data Source Administrator
bullet POWERCFG.CPL - Power Options Properties
bullet SYSDM.CPL - System Properties
bullet TELEPHON.CPL - Phone and Modem Options
bullet TIMEDATE.CPL - Date and Time Properties

The following are Microsoft Management Console Snap-ins that can be opened from the run line. These applications have the file type extension ".MSC".

bullet CERTMGR.MSC - Certificates
bullet CIADV.MSC - Indexing Service
bullet COMPMGMT.MSC - Computer Management
bullet DEVMGMT.MSC - Device Manager
bullet DFRG.MSC - Disk Defragmenter
bullet DISKMGMT.MSC - Disk Management
bullet EVENTVWR.MSC - Event Viewer
bullet FSMGMT.MSC - Shared Folders
bullet LUSRMGR.MSC - Local Users and Groups
bullet NTMSMGR.MSC - Removable Storage
bullet NTMSOPRQ.MSC - Removable Storage Operator Requests
bullet PERFMON.MSC - Performance Monitor
bullet SERVICES.MSC - Services
bullet WMIMGMT.MSC - Windows Management Infrastructure


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