How React Native Can Benefit Your Product?

React Native

If you have an idea to create a mobile application, React Native may be a right choice for your development team. It is an efficient  development framework that mobile app developers use to save time and produce dynamic hybrid applications.

Let’s find out why react Native app development services are on in-demand. And what advantages can you take from choosing this framework for your mobile app development.

What is React Native? Short overview

What is React Native

React Native is an innovative open-source programming framework, launched by Facebook back in 2015 with the aim to make the application development process smooth and efficient. This technology allows software engineers to create full, native mobile apps for both iOS and Android with the help of a programming language called JavaScript.

A list of established companies and startups using React Native to satisfy their business needs. Among the list are Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Pinterest, Oculus, Tesla, Uber Eats, etc. Their applications were built with React Native on both Android and iOS.

In recent years React Native has grown significantly, numbers speak for itself:

  • Last year React Native gained 17.2% as the most favorite framework to work with.
  • Up to 38% of developers worldwide used React Native as their favorite cross-platform technology.

Reasons to Consider React Native

Due to useful features and enjoyable UI/UX design, ether software developers, who use the framework and the end-users can enjoy React Native functionality. Applications built with this framework are intuitive in design, fast in performance, and convenient to use. While working the framework you can get:

  • adjustability across different platforms (full screen, portrait, landscape modes)
  • near-native performance
  • seamless design (push animations, basic transitions, overrides, gestures)
  • code sharing across platforms
  • unique, eye-catching UI
  • dynamic data (display of different content)
  • building of custom interfaces
  • set of components that speed up the app development process
  • rich library and a lot of built-in tools
  • great tools for bug fixing and detecting errors
  • strong community support

React Native is one of the top mobile frameworks for creating outstanding user interfaces. Being reusable via code applicability and cost-efficient via cross-platform capabilities they feel like Native apps.

Top Benefits of React Native for Mobile App Development

Top Benefits

There are several benefits of using React Native to create a mobile application.

Saved Time 

React Native capabilities allow developers to build one app (as up to 90% of the code is cross-platform, it is compatible with both iOS and Android ) Thus, the development time may be shorter and companies have no need to choose which version to create and launch first as in the end two mobile apps are developed.

Great Performance

Applications built on React Native are fast as the programming language is optimized for mobile devices. They perform like a native app that was created specifically for  Android or OS  platforms.


React Native development boosts team flexibility, and enables updating mobile apps more effective. Developers can  jump in and continue the  process whenever they need.  And QA engineers are able to create testing scenarios much easier.

Visible Changes

One of the great advantages of React Native’s  is so called live reloading. It allows software engineers to immediately see and examine the changes they’ve made to the code and get real-time feedback.

Upgrade an existing app

With React Native it’s possible to upgrade an existing app without fully rewriting it just by adding needed components.It is a cost effective way to improve your app.

A vibrant library

To enhance the mobile app development process, React Native offers a variety of useful ready-made solutions. For instance the framework has a testing library (e.g. Mocha, Chai, Jest) that enables the engineers to write bug-free code and enhances the end product credibility.

React Native app development services

React Native app development services

Inoxoft's team offers React Native mobile application development services and delivers top-notch Android, iOS, and cross-platform applications. Providing these services, we have delivered tailor-made React Native solutions to fulfill business needs of our clients from the UK,USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and many more countries from all around the world.

We focus on the following services:

Full-cycle development services

Our certified React Native engineers deploy all kinds of applications within our narrow focus in Healthcare, Education, Fintech, Logistics, and Real Estate. Our software engineers can scale your in-house team or perform full-cycle development with great expertise in mobile app building, design, quality testing, and maintenance.

Сode audit services

Businesses that want their code to be flawless and high- quality, find inconsistencies and improve  app’s performance, speed, and stability. They approach Inoxoft to  perform code audits. Our experts search for weaknesses and bottlenecks in the client’s code by  using React Native framework.


Even if the best quality engineers created an app and  assurance experts have tested it, doesn’t mean that it can’t crash. After the mobile application has been released, it requires maintenance and support. These services are provided to ensure the app works properly and there are no incompatibility issues when for instance Android and iOS are being updated.

Thus, one of the focuses of Inoxoft’s team is to provide after launch support, fixing bugs, improving the architecture, and solving the scalability issues.

Server-side APIs

Do you need a server for your React Native app? You can have a backend solution to expand the app’s functionality. Besides, it’s an easy task for our team. We can create a backend side and ensure great communication between it and the app’s interface via APIs.


We encourage our partners to consider React Native as  one of the top mobile technologies of today. The framework offers lots of advantages during software development: from saved time and cost (in building the mobile app and maintaining it) to better performance and easier post-launch maintenance.

If you are looking for a 100% quality react native application development services, consider  a skilled, reliable software development team as your possible React Native partner.

The services we provide are based on seven years of experience, dedication to clients’ success, flexibility, and creativity in decision-making and problem-solving. Win the competition with the most innovative solution on the market. Ask Inoxoft how to succeed with your idea!

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