How to Access Instagram Music from Any Region [2023]

How To Access Instagram Music From Any Region

It wasn't that long ago Instagram released its music feature, which you can use to attack music and soundtracks to stories on Instagram. This blog will explain where to find saved music on Instagram and accessing it from any region.

It wasn't that long ago Instagram released its music feature, which you can use to attack music and soundtracks to stories on Instagram. Many people want to know where to find saved music on Instagram. When you tap on the music for the story, you can hear it and either comment on it or share it with the story.

Keep in mind that not everyone can access this feature on Instagram at this point. If you come across this screen, it will display an error informing you that it is unavailable in your area. You will frequently be notified again, and although the encounter may not seem so near, it can irritate you. This blog will explain where to find saved music on Instagram.

It's not Spotify Music

Post it to the story or DM to your friends

Instagram Music is not as much like the stories you've seen on your Instagram feed as Spotify Music. Unlike Instagram Music, Spotify allows you to place the album cover of the song you listen to. There is no sound in the stories.If you won't choose to add one of these, go to Spotify and select a song from the menu, click the Share button and select  Instagram Stories. Now go to Instagram, open your story, enable the music feature, open the album cover, and post it to the story or DM to your friends.

Like Spotify, Instagram Music is licensed by the record labels to work with only those locations and can only be released in the areas. Our team needs a good VPN app to overcome these geo-restrictions and acquire access to music through Instagram. There are also other methods to use it just besides turning on the software. It works on mobile devices from Android and Apple.

Fix Instagram Music not available in your country

Instagram Music which is not available in your country

The main reason is that Instagram Music only has the right to the tunes they provide in countries where they currently wish them, which means that if you live off the map, they may not have reached you yet. Instagram would have to pay for a license to every one of each type of music worldwide, which means many regions won't be able to access their service.

Accessing Instagram Music when it's Restricted

Accessing Instagram Music when it's Restricted

Let's look at the simple way to find access to Instagram Music, even if you don't live somewhere where it is limited. Use NordVPN, or select your favored VPN from our listing below that. Uninstall Instagram from your smartphone. Download the program of your preferred VPN and select the nation location of where you are. Install Instagram again into your phone and enjoy accessing Instagram music.

Why a VPN?

VPN overview

To access Instagram's Music tool, why can you not use a VPN? Because Instagram doesn't have access to the music licensing rights in every country, there are country restrictions. Instagram has music licensing rights in Germany, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the US.

If you live within these locations, your IP address can access the Instagram Music service. If you do not, you can choose a virtual private network (VPN), which will allow you to use an IP address based anywhere in these locations. You can access this service after you choose one of these locations.

How to Use a VPN

Use a VPN

It's straightforward to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access Instagram Music. We mentioned the straightforward four-step process to gain access to the social network, and now let's examine these steps in more detail.

1. Choose a VPN

Choose a VPN

Choosing an incredible Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the essential parts of this process. Many companies aren't worth your time and money, so we suggest choosing one from our top-rated VPN companies. Now quickly go over to know regarding selecting the perfect VPN.

It would help if you had a solid connection and fast speeds to bypass geo-blocks when making your Instagram Stories. IP addresses located in regions and countries where you can access Instagram Music must have high-quality mobile apps that can work on various platforms to match your demands regarding Instagram.

2. Uninstall Instagram

Uninstall Instagram

This step ensures you have uninstalled Instagram on your mobile phone before downloading the VPN program. That is because Instagram automatically locates your IP address each time you access the social media app.

3. Download Your Favorite VPN

Download Your Favorite VPN

Select your VPN plan from the list supplied to you. After choosing, enter your login information and log in to the resulting portal. You'll then be given a list of available locations to choose from. You can either pick the country or location you're searching for or browse through the list of possibilities until you locate the thing you're looking for. Keep in mind that the location you choose has to be able to allow Instagram access to your VPN. Hit on the location of your choice, and your VPN connection will lead you there.

4. Install Instagram Again

Install Instagram Again

Because your location appears when you download your Instagram app to connect to Instagram Music, you can now download your preferred app and activate Instagram Music once again. When you want to add a new story to your Instagram Stories, you will notice a new option on the bottom left of the screen to add music. You can now make whatever music you want to add to your Instagram Stories, and you can listen to songs added by other users on Instagram Stories.

Look for a VPN with these features

Look for a VPN with these features

But when you try to find a VPN, you discover it is a minefield. There is an endless array, each claiming its best to be the best. We're the fastest, most secure, unblocked anywhere globally, etc. Our researchers spent countless hours reading through VPNs, running tests, and figuring out which ones are the best. I reviewed their research and determined the criteria for fixing the IG music service problems. The following features are primary factors and should be considered, so placing your trust in a VPN can help you protect your data and feel secure.

Network size

You will require a VPN with a vast, worldwide network, with locations in countries where music through Instagram Music is most readily available. So servers in the United States, Great Britain, or New Zealand are recommended.



To protect your data and information, you require resilient encryption to safeguard your privacy and online protection. This keeps you safe and undetected online and shields your actual IP address from third parties such as Instagram. When it comes to Instagram, if your VPN is in a position to hide your exact IP address, it will be thought of as geo-blocked and will no longer be functional.



You're most likely using Instagram through a mobile device, probably your smartphone. Thus, it would help if you had a VPN with a great, stable mobile application platform (but not limited to), but it doesn't matter to have options for other systems and devices.



VPN configurations can slow your Internet connection down. With encryption and distant servers, this cannot be entirely avoided. To fix IG music errors, it is necessary to have the ability to disable it, but not to do so. No one wants their connection to slow down.

The Best VPNs for Instagram Music



ExpressVPN has powerful technologies allowing access to geo-blocked sites and mobile applications, so it's one of my favorite VPNs for accessing Instagram Music. I evaluated its features, proving to be an ideal VPN for excellent streaming. I had reliable connections from all the servers I tested. You can read the complete details in the ExpressVPN review. It is one of the best options; how can I make Instagram music available in my region express option will be the best option.

ExpressVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth to use Instagram Music as much as you want. It also has 24-7 live chat support, which I tried to see if it worked. The agent who served me was erudite and helpful, and he helped me resolve my problem without delay. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. I used this, and it was straightforward and hassle-free to get my money back.



I tested CyberGhost on various devices, and the program's Instagram Music access feature functioned without problems. Check out the detailed review I've given of the program to learn more. With over 8,000 locations available worldwide, you can connect to almost any country, including Germany, Sweden, the US, Australia, and France. I was impressed by CyberGhost's familiarity with a broad range of devices, including everything from a smartphone, tablet, Android TV, and Amazon Fire Stick.

Tested CyberGhost on various devices

Additionally, CyberGhost lets you join as many as seven devices simultaneously, so you do not have to log in and out when switching devices (and you will not have to contend with your family and friends over who gets to use the VPN). CyberGhost comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the software before committing.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is my favorite VPN for accessing Instagram Music because of its low prices and rapid connection speeds. It has several servers worldwide, and I was never in a position with Instagram Music. You can read our review for Private Internet Access to learn more about test results. I connected several of my devices to check whether this would cause my computer to slow to a crawl, but I was pleased to find that PIA performed equally on all my connected devices.

No handicaps came up, and there were no delays or disturbances while I was viewing videos on Instagram. The app is very well designed, with clear instructions regarding what to do and where to click to access specific functions. When you open the application, you will notice a  Connect button. How convenient is that? If you want to try out Private Internet Access now, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no strings attached.

FAQs about Best VPNs for Instagram Music

Q. What's the best VPN for Instagram Music?

My preferred VPN for accessing Instagram Music is ExpressVPN. I tested it by connecting to the servers in all countries where IG Music is available. I was consistently able to access the site without interruption from each location. I could easily access Instagram Music in every state.

Q. Can I use a free-of-cost VPN to unblock Instagram Music?

Many people want to know how to access Instagram music from any region. Yes, you can use a free software VPN. Nevertheless, it's not the best idea. Most free software VPNs will have connectivity problems, record your online actions, and slow down your web connection. The safest, free technique is to use ExpressVPN, take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee, and unblock Instagram Music easily if you want to know how to access Instagram music from any region.

Q. Which VPN is the fastest?

We ran many tests to determine which VPN would win the trophies for being the fastest. Eventually, we discovered the fastest uploading, downloading, connection, and streaming speeds with ExpressVPN. It has thousands of servers in various locations worldwide, enabling lesser overcrowding on each server and quicker speeds. You need the fastest VPN  if you want to know how to add music as a location on Instagram.

Q. In which countries is Instagram Music available?

Read this carefully if you want to know how I can make Instagram music available in my region. Instagram Music is available only in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, UK,  Sweden, France, Canada, and Germany. To unblock Instagram Music, you must get an IP address in one of those locations, such as the UK or the US. The first step is to download and install a VPN to your device. We hope this will be helpful if you want to know how I can make Instagram music in my region. Install the application, launch it, and log in to your account with your credentials. Then, connect to a server location.

Final Thought

If you pick a high-quality VPN, it'll be easy to switch to your new location despite the geographical limitations of Instagram. VPNs are helpful for many different factors, including bypassing the geographical limits of Instagram features like Instagram Music. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can still enjoy exploiting Instagram Stories' music function. We hope this blog about how to add music location on Instagram will be helpful.

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