How to Backup or Rip a DVD on Mac?

How to Backup or Rip a DVD on Mac

Many users of the internet wish to backup their movie library by digitizing them with the appropriate DVD ripping software. They understand and bear in mind that an outstanding DVD ripper extracts the complete digital files from the DVDs to any computer hard drive and protects the discs against damage or scratch.

A good DVD ripper can extend the viewing option to the iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, and other media player.  You can take note of suggestions about how to rip a DVD on Mac and follow the complete guidelines to get 100% benefits from properly using the DVD ripper application for the Mac system.

You may search for the easy-to-follow suggestions to rip a DVD on Mac. You can make contact with experts in this sector and follow the complete guidelines to rip a DVD without difficulty in any way.

There are different suggestions about which software to use to rip the DVD. You have to be conscious about how to choose and use the best option available. You can read the best Mac dvd ripping tools recommended here.

The following details guide you to decide on how to rip a DVD on your Mac computer.

Using DVD Ripper for Mac

If you are still wondering which software to use, you can use software like MacX DVD Ripper Pro as it’s proven to be effective in ripping both homemade and commercial DVDs. You need to download and install it before using the software.

1. The first step to rip a DVD is to insert the DVD disc into the Mac optical drive. Then, you can launch the software and you will see the following screen.

Insert the DVD disc into the Mac optical drive

2. Click on the “DVD Disc” button and load the intended disc to be ripped. If you wish to convert the DVD folder or ISO image to any digital format, then you can do it now.

3. Next, you have to choose the output format as per needs like MP4, AVI, FLV, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, etc. You can choose the MP4 Video format for good compatibility, small file size, and very good quality to view the DVD on players, TVs, phones, and tablets.

Choose the MP4 Video format

The MP4 is a good option to play DVD on new iPhones and iPads running the mobile operating system iOS 11/12 for small space and high quality. You can copy the DVD to the ISO image to save an original copy with the menus and extras. The disc image includes the complete data of the disc at the ratio of 1:1 for the purpose of later burning.

4. The last step is to start ripping the DVD on Mac. You can specify the output folder (optional) and press the RUN button to start DVD ripping process. This application finishes the DVD ripping process quickly.

Why Use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Rip?

As a top DVD ripper for Mac, MacX DVD Ripper Pro offers very good DVD ripping performance. You can use this application and get 100% satisfaction from DVD ripping.

You can expect a simple and intuitive interface and just need 3-step to rip the DVDs. The ripping process is also very fast and hence can save your time if you have a collection of DVDs to backup.

This application is a good option to rip a DVD on Mac as its ability to read DRM-protected discs. It supports all the common and latest encryption schemes especially RCE, CSS, Disney X-Project DRM, ARccOS, Region Code, and other things. There is no need to use any third-party tool and extra action.

Every user of this application is happy as they can freely convert DVDs to HEVC, AVI, ISO, MOV, H.264, M4V, and other formats you require. They are happy to watch their favourite genres of DVD movies on iPad, iPhone, QuickTime, Apple TV, and other mobiles, and TVs.

They save the DVDs on the SSD, cloud storage, USB, and NAS options. They use the complete range of editing features designed to let them cut, merge, crop, and add subtitles. They get an array of benefits from the four unique DVD backup modes.

Of course, there are some free dvd rippers for Mac available in the market that you can use like Handbrake, MacTheRipper (MTR) but usually free tools are less reliable i.e. slower speed, output quality drop and the supported output file formats are limited.


New and regular users of the DVD ripper get the most outstanding benefits and confidence to recommend it to others. You can focus on the fundamentals and modern elements of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro at any time you wish to rip the DVD without difficulty and delay.

This software also allows you to try it for free and before you buy it. If you decided to buy, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that turns your purchase risk-free. Visit their official site at

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