10 Easy Ways to Fix Verizon Router Yellow Light in 2023

Verizon Router Yellow Light

Routers and extenders support an array of colored LEDs each displaying a particular system status whenever it lights up. But what does the yellow light on a Verizon Router signify and how do you fix it? In this post, we will teach you how to fix Verizon Router Yellow light. Keep reading to find out…..

A Verizon Router has a WPS button (unified button) that displays the current status of your device. The router’s LED lights often display different colored lights, including white, blue, yellow, green, and red. Now, each of these colors has a specific meaning. In particular, this article will focus on Verizon Router yellow light and how to fix it.

Fix Verizon Router Yellow Light

Verizon Router colors

Verizon Router colors

Each color displayed on the Verizon router indicator light has a specific meaning. For instance, a white LED light signifies that the Verizon router is alright and is in perfect working condition.

Blinking blue light means that your router is ready to pair. If you were trying to establish a connection with your PC or phone, the blinking blue light is your “Ok” sign to proceed and connect your device to the router. If your device is successfully paired with the Verizon router, you should see a solid blue light.

A flashing green light indicates a significant amount of traffic on the particular network. On the other hand, a steady green light indicates that the connection is successful and that there’s little or not much traffic on the network.

A red light indicates a significant problem with the router's operations. A blinking yellow light signifies the strength of the connection between the network extender and your Verizon router. The faster the light flashes, the better the connection and vice versa. A solid yellow light shows that your Verizon router has no internet access.

As we now understand, whenever a yellow right occurs on your Verizon router, there is a connection issue. Now let's dive in and find different options that fix the yellow light on the Verizon router. Follow these procedures one by one until you find the one that sorts out your issue.

1. Conduct the broadband test

Conduct the broadband test

The first step towards fixing the yellow light problem on a Verizon router is to conduct a broadband test. How does that work? Well, very simple. All you need to do is connect the PC directly to the router via an Ethernet cable if your initial connection was via Wi-Fi. If the yellow light doesn’t go away, then the router may have some hardware or software issues.

2. Check the Ethernet cable

Damaged LAN cables are known to disrupt internet connectivity. If you see a yellow light on your Verizon router, it might be because of a faulty connection or damaged Ethernet cable. Check the cable to confirm that it is in good shape and is working alright. Here are some quick checks you might want to check:

Check the Ethernet cable

  • At the back of your router, check for two Ethernet cables.
  • Check for loose connections; you can push them in gently and check if the connection resumes.
  • If not, check for damages on the cables. If you notice any damages, consider replacing the offending cable.

3. Reboot your router

After confirming that there is no damage or loose connection between your router and the Ethernet cables, try rebooting the Verizon router and check if that resolved the yellow light issue. Here is a detailed breakdown of how to go about it:

Reboot your router

Step 1: Turn off your router and disconnect the backup battery in case your router has one.

Step 2: Wait for approximately 60 seconds and then turn on the router. Reconnect the backup battery if your router has one.

Step 3: If the yellow light goes away and you see a white light instead, the Verizon router is fixed and is now working correctly.

4. Unplug the Ethernet cable

Another way to fix the yellow light problem on your Verizon router is to unplug and then plug back the Ethernet cable. The entire operation is similar to refreshing your internet connection. Once you do this, check to see if the yellow light is gone. Here is how to do it:

Unplug the Ethernet cable

Step 1: Unplug your Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Unplug the router.

Step 3: Plug the router back in and wait for the green light to be displayed after a few seconds of orange light.

Step 4: Plug your Ethernet cable back in. If the internet connection is established, the yellow light should disappear.

5. Cool your Verizon Router if it is overheating

Cool your Verizon Router if it is overheating

Occasionally, the yellow light on your router turns on because of system overheating. That’s to say; overheating can disrupt internet connectivity on your router. If that’s the case, consider turning off the router for a while so that it cools down. You can even remove the battery to facilitate the cooling process.

6. Reset your router

Sometimes all you need to do to fix the yellow light problem on your router is a quick factory reset. Remember, a reset will format and revert the router to its original settings when it was first bought. Follow these steps to reset your router:

Reset your router

Step 1: Press and hold the pinhole reset button for 20 seconds.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds while your router reboots and restores the connection.

Step 3: Check if the yellow light issue resolved.

7. Restart the Verizon ONT and the router

Restarting the router and the Verizon ONT means that all processes will be commenced afresh. Here is how to do it:

Restart the Verizon ONT and the router

Step 1: Turn off the Verizon Fios home router.

Step 2: Disconnect the ONT from the AC adapter.

Step 3: Remove the ONT battery if your device has one

Step 4: Leave the disconnected devices for at least two minutes.

Step 5: Reconnect the ONT battery.

Step 6: Reconnect the ONT and the AC adapter.

Step 7: Wait a few moments while the ONT boots up.

Step 8: Turn on the Verizon FIOS home router.

Step 9: Once the router powers on, check if the yellow light has disappeared. If the router displays white light, you can rest assured that it is working accordingly ad that the connection issue has been successfully fixed.

8. Blinking yellow light for an extender

The blinking yellow light on the Verizon router means that the extender is far from the router and is thus unable to access a strong signal. Simply put, the router and signal extender is out of range. The faster the light blinks, the closer your extender is and within range. To solve this issue:

Blinking yellow light for an extender

Step 1: Get your extender close to the router until the yellow light stabilizes.

Step 2: Wait for the pairing process (blue light) before the light turns white to indicate a stable connection.

9. Check for malware

Check for malware

Another possible reason your Verizon router lights yellow is because of a potential malware attack. In some rare instances, hackers may target your network and, in the process, jeopardize your internet connection. In such cases, you may see a yellow light on your router. You can fix that by simply conducting a malware scan with an antivirus program.

10. Contact support

Contact support

In case you have tried all the above procedures without much success, you might want to contact Verizon customer support. The manufacturer may advise how best to fix the yellow light on your router.


Next time you see a solid yellow light on your Verizon router, remember it’s a sign of an interrupted internet connection. There are a number of options, as you have seen above that you can consider helping fix this problem.

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