Best Proxies For A Custom-Built Web Scraping Operation

Best Proxies For A Custom-Built Web Scraping Operation

Web scraping is the practice of obtaining pertinent information from many websites. This is great when you require information about a specific issue and don't want to search the web manually.

The best part about online scraping is that you don't have to manually extract information, which is especially useful for sites that don't allow copying.

In brief, you can obtain the knowledge you require and desire. Additionally, web scraping allows you to save the information in the format of your choice. Web scraping allows you to save time and speed up the data extraction process.

It works best with proxy servers, especially when extracting information from multiple domains.

A proxy server is an additional server that connects you to the website you are visiting. The proxy server functions as an intermediate server, allowing your request to be routed through them. The best part about utilizing a proxy is that you can scrape the web safely because the original server address is concealed. For a smoother web scraping operation, you can buy different proxies of your choice.

Proxy servers allow you to browse the internet anonymously. When a proxy server is used, the target site will not see the server's IP address from which the request is coming but will instead see the IP address of the proxy server. Proxies ensure that the target cannot decode the request's source, thereby improving security and reducing the likelihood of your IP address being blocked by a network administrator.

This server can allow you to access content restricted to a specific region by connecting to a proxy with an IP address from the area where the restricted content is hosted. This can be beneficial when you need to scrape data from online merchants or competitors in different locations to compare them. Scraping Crunchbase or any other comparable platforms would be an appropriate example.

Some websites have set a maximum number of requests that can be received from a single IP address to prevent abuse. Proxies can be used to get around rate limits without being blocked out completely. This can be accomplished by distributing many requests throughout a proxy pool to ensure that all IP addresses remain under the rate restriction. Using the best rotating proxies for web scraping will ensure that you can get around the rate constraints quickly.

Why you need Proxies For A Custom-Built Web Scraping Operation


You'll need a proxy server when you plan to scrape more than a thousand pages from the internet in a single day. Depending on how many websites you need to view in a minute, the number of proxy servers you require will vary.

Types of Proxies with Pros and Cons

Below are the types of proxies  IP possibilities accessible for data scraping

1. Datacenter

Datacenter proxies are private proxies that provide secure IP authentication and a high level of anonymity. They are not linked with internet service providers (ISPs) and do not connect you to the internet directly. Instead, they assign you a third-party IP address that sits between you and the internet.


  • There are a lot of IP addresses.

Data centers function similarly to IP farms, giving many IP addresses for your use. This is a significant benefit for your scraping activity since it provides many IP addresses to use and then delete quickly.


  • A narrower range of IPs

Residential proxy IPs have more variation and diversity than data center proxies. They are less effective at circumventing geo-restrictions. The IP addresses of data center proxies all belong to the same subnetworks as the data center in which they were formed.

This makes it easy for websites to discover and block them. However, if you learn to control the speed and timing of your requests successfully, and especially if you split your requests across numerous proxy servers, you can prevent blocklisting.

2. Residential proxy

Residential proxy

Residential proxy servers use IP addresses provided by Internet service providers as their IP addresses. These proxy IP addresses appear to be the same as regular home IP addresses. Residential proxies are always linked to the physical address, but they can still be used by the Owner (resident); hence there are time limits for using them.


  • Without additional hardware, a corporate network can be safeguarded from Internet viruses.
  • Confidential information is safeguarded in a trustworthy manner.


The proxy server replaces your IP address. Unlike anti-detect browsers or VPNs, it does not offer any encryption to users. But, of course, encryption-based systems are more expensive and sophisticated.

3. Mobile Proxy

Mobile proxies (also known as mobile gateways) are portable devices such as cellphones, portable routers, modems, and dongles that operate as intermediates between your computer and the internet are mobile proxies (also known as mobile gateways). With mobile proxies, your online requests are routed through these mobile devices, where they obtain a new mobile IP address and are finally connected to the target website, saving you time and money.


Mobile proxies have quick connections and transfer speeds because they use a fast cache storage technology, which removes the need for your computer to keep unnecessary data. This frees up some space on your smartphone.


If you have acquired multiple mobile proxies, you must manage them all. Managing these proxies is a difficult task.

Benefits Of Using Proxies For Web Scraping Project

  • Allow for high-volume scraping.

There is no method to detect if a website is being scraped programmatically. However, the more activity a scraper has, the more probable its activity can be tracked.

Scrapers, for example, may access the same website too frequently or at specified times each day or may reach pages that are not immediately accessible, putting them in danger of being identified and blocklisted. Proxies give anonymity and allow you to access multiple websites simultaneously.


A proxy server might be beneficial if your organization relies on web-based data. Proxy servers mask your IP address, protecting the security of your computer. So, if you need to scrape a lot of data, you should consider getting a proxy server.

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