Exploring Neofin

Exploring Neofin

Neofin is a based application, so it and its data are not stored in the memory of your computer.

Since such applications depend on remote servers, you need to have a permanent Internet connection to access Neofin. To use product modules, you do not need to download or install any files on your computer. Neo-fin.com software is compatible with the basic system configuration, the details of which are listed below.



User profile on the Neofin control line, which allows you to manage the base resources. To work with a personal account, you need to go to the login page. Use the login method that is convenient for you.

Each time you log in, a unique temporary link will be sent to your email address. You can use it for 25-30 days from the date of receipt without having to visit the login page. After the expiration of the link, go through the registration procedure on the site again. In the account, by the way, you can also see your loan documentation software.

Account settings

Manage your personal account settings, including a login link, phone number, valid email address, and more. To edit your account information, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Neofin account;
  • Highlight the account button;
  • Go to the personal information page.

If you want to change the email address associated with your account, follow this procedure:

  • Log into your Neofin account;
  • Check your mail;
  • Click in the account settings menu;
  • Enter a new email;
  • Check your mail;
  • Confirm new email.

How to deactivate your NeoFin account?

The reasons for deactivating your account in different social networks or banking may be different, however, as elsewhere, we will tell you the scenario of safe deactivation from our platform!

  • If you have a pair of accounts where you used several emails but use only one?
  • Blocked and/or you have lost access to your account?
  • Can't get secure access to Neofin clients?

By deleting your account, you risk losing your database, connections to applications and people. Your information in these apps will be saved, but you will need a new Neofin account to be able to log in. We will keep your application still “alive” for no more than 30 days. All your loan applications will be deleted by our bot after the expiration date. You will lose all data.

Bills and payments

Bills and payments

In the tab “Invoices and payments” there is information about the methods of paying bills. There is also a change in the payment method and the ability to view reports for all periods of application activity. Customers also have the option to change mail for invoice delivery. All these settings can be changed in a few clicks.

Deleting an application

You will be able to deactivate the application from its page or by correcting its details. At the same time, a window will appear, suggesting the deactivation of certain auxiliary objects.


The exact setting of the activity of the modules is in the section itself. During the operation of the application, it is possible to change its content, namely, enable/disable modules in CRM. Your billing options will change based on your selection. Include this, or that module should be carefully and deliberately.

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