How to Create a Windows 10 Password Reset Disk – Step by Step Guide

Create a Password Reset Disk

We set a password for our computer to prevent others from using it, but one day that password may block you from accessing it, too, yes, quite possibly, when you forget your password. Create a password reset disk, so you don't have to worry about forgetting your password. Just use a USB drive and get started!

What would you do if you forget your Windows 10 PC password? You may feel stranded, but the good thing is that with a password reset disk you can easily reset the password of your Windows 10 PC user account. Hence, it still works no matter the times you have changed the password.

However, it just works with a local account on your PC. It doesn’t work with a Microsoft account. In simpler terms, a password reset disk is a file you create on a USB or SD card that when plugged in, can allow you to reset your PC password on a lock screen. A good way to prevent you from going through the tedious process of creating a password reset disk is by using a password manager.

How Do I Create a Password Reset Disk?

Step 1: Insert the prepared USB or SD card into the computer

Step 2: Enter the “Control Panel” and enter the “User Account”. Alternatively, you can click the Windows button + S to search, then look for User accounts and click it.

Control Panel User Account

Step 3: In the left panel, there is the option to “create password reset disk” and click.

create password reset disk option

Step 4: “Forgotten password wizard” will come up, click Next.

Forgotten password wizard

Step 5: Select the USB flash drive you want to save the key to, enter the password of the current account, if not, you can click “Enter” to skip between.

USB flash drive for reset disk

current account password

Step 6: Wait for the progress bar to complete, and you will get a file like this on your USB drive. Just keep your USB flash drive safe to ensure no unauthorized person gets access to the file.

progress bar for reset disk

reset disk finish option

reset disk userkey

How to Use “userkey”.

Whenever you forget our user account password, fear no more. The userkey will help you reset the password and get access to your account again.

Step 1: When you forget your password, insert the USB disk or SD card with the “userkey” into your PC.

windows incorrect password

Step 2: Click the “Reset Password” on the lock screen and click next.

reset password at login

Step 3: Click on the dropdown to select the specific USB flash disk or SD card, and click next.

password reset wizard option

insert password rese disk

Step 4: In the password prompt, enter a new password and confirm.

Step 5: You can use the new password to boot and log into Windows


1. If I lose my USB drive, what else can I do to open the encrypted computer?

In the case, that you lose your USB drive or don’t have a “user key”, you can access your PC by using the administrator account. Simply boot your computer, then press on F8 repeatedly till the boot menu appears. Choose the safe mode and press Enter.

ON the Home screen, click Administrator, if there is no Home screen, type ‘Administrator and leave the password field blank. Click on the Windows button, go to Control Panel, User accounts then change your user passwords.

2. How can I create a password reset disk for Windows on Mac OS?

I Sunshare Homepage

You can do this, by first downloading Windows Password Genius for Mac. Then connect the USB flash drive on your Mac and select it as a burning device. Then click on the ‘Begin burning’ button and wait for it. Get the USB flash drive from Mac and you will successfully get a Windows 10 password reset disk from Mac which can also apply to Windows systems. Another software you can use is Spower Windows Password Reset for Mac.

Spowersoft Homepage

Secure your Windows 10 user account password

It is easy to forget your password if you change it often. Hence, having a password reset disk is essential and will help you not be stranded. If that doesn’t work for you, you can use the Administrator account to access other user accounts and change the password. However, be careful with who uses your device to prevent unauthorized people from getting access to your password.

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