Is Your PC Ready for Halloween?

Is your PC ready for Halloween

Halloween, the spookiest holiday of the year when we traditionally carve pumpkins, dress up, and frighten one another, is here.

Increasingly, celebrating Halloween has become an activity for adults and many look forward to the 31st of October as eagerly as Christmas Day or New Year's Eve. Halloween, with its concentration on transgression, terror, and identity, can reveal much about our aspirations and fears. While you might planning parties and reveling in the opportunity to be, at least for an evening, whatever you wish to be, don't forget your rig.

There are many creative and entertaining ways to decorate your computer for Halloween.



The obvious PC activity for Halloween is downloading some spooky games to play. A co-op game such as Grim Dawn is a great way to connect with others this creepy season, but there are loads of other great games that will entertain and scare you. Alien: Isolation is a popular choice, but don’t forget less obvious options such as spooky slot games.

At this time of year, the online casino at Paddy's usually releases and promotes some spooky slots, and Inspired Gaming’s Big Scary Fortune slot appears to be the prime real-money game this Halloween. Plenty of creepy creatures and many sites offer free play, so you become acquainted with the game before you commit some real loot.

Theme, Background & Screensaver

Altering your computer's color scheme is an easy way to get into the Halloween mood. Consider using a monstrous green, a blood red, or a pumpkin orange instead.

People are very different when it comes to changing backgrounds, with some freshening things up weekly while others make changes based on mood or season. Choosing one of these spooky or adorable Halloween backdrops ought to assist in setting the appropriate mood.

Take a look at these Halloween screensavers too. The Pendulum Witchcraft Eyeball is particularly good, but you could also go for movie-related characters such as Freddy Krueger, who is appropriately terrifying this time of year.

Theme, Background Screensaver

Icons, Cursers & Lights

Changing your desktop icons to a Halloween theme is also simple to do and there are plenty of free download options available. Classic monsters such as vampires, mummies, and Frankenstein’s monsters are available, but you could also try to make your own using any image you like. There are just a few simple steps to customize your icons in Windows and it’s something pleasurable to make your PC feel more like your possession. The same is true with your cursor and getting rid of the boring white standard issue cursor to something fun and spooky is also stress-free.

A more long-term option is giving your PC a little lighting style to get that killer look. The process of getting RGB lighting for your rig needs some careful consideration and planning, but can definitely be worth it all year round.

These are just a few suggestions to easily get your PC Halloween-ready and most of these won't cost you a penny.

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