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    Privacy Policy

The NOSPIN Group Privacy Policy
established by
Bob Wright & Drew Dunn

Web services
We operate our non-profit foundation to provide free services as the Internet was intended. At no time will we attempt to set a ‘cookie’ or take demographic information from any visitors to our web sites. You are welcome to use all the services you find on our web sites freely and without fear we are in any way tracking our visitors. We do compile statistics from visitors by Domain name, country of origin and web browser in use, nothing more.

The NOSPIN Group Web site contains links to other Web sites. Please be aware that our privacy policy does not apply to these linked sites. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement whenever interacting with any Web site.

Mailing Lists
Our mailing lists require the subscriber to provide their real name, both first and last, as well as their e-mail address. No other information is ever required. The names and email addresses of our subscribers are held in trust by Bob Wright and Drew Dunn. At no time will this information be traded, sold or in any way used for a purpose except the operation of our mailing lists.

If at any time after subscribing, you change your mind about receiving our mailing lists, your personal information will be deleted from our data base at time of SIGNOFF from the mailing list.

All emails posted to The NOSPIN Group mailing lists become the private property of The NOSPIN Group, Inc., including any and all copyright that may be connected thereto and arising there from. Submitting a posted email to The NOSPIN Group mailing lists constitutes an acknowledgment of this agreement between the subscriber and The NOSPIN Group, Inc.

Computer Lady Newsletter
The Computer Lady Newsletter and other special mailing lists hosted, controlled and/or part of The NOSPIN Group may have additional List Owners with access to the subscriber data base.  In all cases, the information derived from subscribers will be held to our high standards of security for the benefit of all subscribers.  The NOSPIN Group is at all times circumspect concerning access to your private information provided for our subscription process.

The archives of our mailing lists are publicly available to be read by anyone. These materials will not contain anymore information about the author of the posted email to the mailing list than maybe made available by the author at the time of submission.

Abuse of your personal information
If at any time you believe your personal information, your name or email address, has been acquired from the use of services provided by The NOSPIN Group, contact either Bob Wright or Drew Dunn. We promise to make good efforts in rectifying the situation and dealing with the perpetrator.

We will always make our best efforts to protect the privacy of the users of our services. We take your privacy quite seriously. You have our word on it!

Bob Wright

Drew Dunn



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