VPN For Security

VPN For Security

Technology has made communication and information gathering so much better, with both lay users and giant corporations benefiting. Anybody can easily access information online with a few clicks of a mouse or even from major devices like a Smartphone. Things are faster and more efficient… Read More »VPN For Security



Due to online privacy issues, the general use of the internet is looking for secure ways to surf the internet. In the past couple of years, hackers have been the success to break the security system of popular companies like Facebook and Yahoo due to… Read More »Tor VS VPN

Why you need VPN

Why You Need VPN?

They by day, the usage of VPN services are increasing. One of the main reason which makes people to use VPN services is their online privacy which they don’t want to share with anyone with or without their intention. The other reason which makes people… Read More »Why You Need VPN?

How to Use Proxy

How to Use Proxy

There are two main types of proxy that have been used to access blocked content, websites, and surf the internet anonymously; they are called web-based proxy and web browser-based proxy which show as IP: Prot. Using both of them could be tricky sometimes but they… Read More »How to Use Proxy

Is BitTorrent Safe

Is BitTorrent safe?

BitTorrent is a popular torrent client which is used to download torrent files. Torrent files could be available in any type and size which includes movies, TV series, books, video games, applications, and software, etc. Top 20 Best Torrent Sites in 2021 Technically, if you… Read More »Is BitTorrent safe?

Is TOR Safe

Is TOR Safe?

We are living in the era of the internet where it is now possible to reach to anywhere in the world virtually with the help of internet. The Internet has brought new revolutions in humans’ history. We have invented so many things with the help… Read More »Is TOR Safe?